Batman Returns (1992)

Director: Tim Burton Cinematographer: Stefan Czapsky
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Burton needed the promise of  more creative freedom to persuade him to take the reins of his second Batman film. The sequel sees Batman (Michael Keaton) fighting a new foe in the form of the monstrous Penguin (Danny DeVito), who lives in the sewers and aims to kill all of Gotham City’s firstborn sons. He must also deal with Selina Kyle/Catwoman (a seductive Michelle Pfeiffer), the former secretary of businessman Max Shreck (Christopher Walken), who seeks vengeance against Shreck for attempting to kill her to hide his own plans to bring the city under his control. Darker and more violent than the first film, Batman Returns is an entertaining showcase for the talents of Keaton who delivers as the brooding hero, a scene staling DeVito and Burton’s ability to produce remarkably original atmospherics. 

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  • Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne / Batman: The protector of Gotham City and the Caped Crusader.
  • Danny DeVito as Oswald Cobblepot / The Penguin: A psychopathic, deformed man born as Oswald Cobblepot who was abandoned by his parents when he was a baby. 
  • Michelle Pfeiffer as Selina Kyle / Catwoman: A normal woman who becomes a criminal after being almost killed by her boss Max Shreck, who later decides to try everything to kill her. 
  • Christopher Walken as Max Shreck: A wealthy businessman and industrialist known as “The Santa Claus of Gotham”. 
  • Michael Gough as Alfred Pennyworth: The Wayne family’s butler and Batman‘s accomplice, who has helped and raised him since his parents’ death.
  • Pat Hingle as Commissioner James Gordon: Commissioner of the Police Department of Gotham City.
  • Michael Murphy as The Mayor: The unnamed mayor of Gotham City. He does not like Max Shreck’s idea to build a nuclear power plant in Gotham City.
  • Vincent Schiavelli as The Organ Grinder: A member of the Red Triangle Circus Gang and the Penguin‘s right-hand man.
  • Andrew Bryniarski as Charles “Chip” Shreck: Son of Max Shreck and his late wife.
  • Cristi Conaway as The Ice Princess: A Christmas-themed beauty queen and model of Gotham City.
  • Rick Zumwalt as The Tattooed Strongman: A member of the Red Triangle Circus Gang.
  • Anna Katarina as The Poodle Lady: A member of the Red Triangle Circus Gang.
  • Paul Reubens as The Penguin’s Father (Tucker Cobblepot): The father of Oswald Cobblepot and husband of Esther Cobblepot.
  • Diane Salinger as The Penguin’s Mother (Esther Cobblepot): The mother of Oswald Cobblepot and wife of Tucker Cobblepot.

Directed by Tim Burton
Produced by Denise Di Novi, Tim Burton
Screenplay by Daniel Waters
Music by Danny Elfman
Cinematography Stefan Czapsky
Edited by Chris Lebenzon
Running time 126 minutes
Country United States
Language English

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