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Cahiers du Cinema’s Annual Top 10 Lists

Listed below are the movies chosen by the prestigious film magazine, Cahiers Du Cinema’s for their famous annual top ten lists. The results are shown in order of preference.





Top 10 (2011)

1. We Have a Pope , Nanni Moretti
2. The Strange Case of Angelica, Manoel de Oliveira
The Tree of Life , Terrence Malick
4. Hors Satan , Bruno Dumont
Essential Killing , Jerzy Skolimowski
6. Melancholia , Lars von Trier
A Burning Hot Summer , Philippe Garrel
8. Super 8 , JJ Abrams
House of Tolerance , Bertrand Bonello
Meek’s Cutoff , Kelly Reichardt

Top 10 (2010)

For the 2010 list, it’s good to see recognition for two of World cinema’s most legendary filmmakers Godard and Herzog, even if the films are modest successes when compared to their best work.

1. Uncle Boonmee, who can recall his past lives , Apichatpong Weerasethakul
2. Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans , Werner Herzog
3. Film Socialism , Jean-Luc Godard
4. Toy Story 3 , Lee Unkrich
5. Fantastic Mr. Fox , Wes Anderson
6. A Serious Man , Ethan & Joel Coen
7. To Die Like a Man , João Pedro Rodrigues
8. Shuga , Darejan Omirbaev
9. The Social Network , David Fincher
10. Mother, Bong Joon-ho
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