La commune (Paris, 1871) (2000)

Director: Peter Watkins Cinematographer: Odd-Geir Sæther
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Watkins’s mammoth six hour long historical re-enactment of the radical socialist and revolutionary government, The Paris Commune, blurs the lines between documentary and fiction. Shot in a mere 13 days in an abandoned factory, the film features television style interviews with the rebellious working class of Paris and the bourgeoisie government who they forced to flee to Versailles. Some will be frustrated by the length of the work but those who are open to cinema that defies the standard narrative conventions of mainstream filmmaking, will find the engaging and provocative look at a tragic point for socialist history,  essential viewing.

Peter Watkins Collection – 5-DVD Box Set ( The Battle of Culloden / The War Game / La commune (Paris, 1871) / Punishment Park / The Gladiators ) ( Culloden / La bombe / La commune [ NON-USA FORMAT, PAL, Reg.2 Import – France ]





Eliane Annie Adalto … Laundress
Pierre Barbieux … Child in Cour Popincourt
Bernard Bombeau … Baker
Maylis Bouffartigue … Marie-Louise Théron
Geneviève Capy … Doctor’s wife
Anne Carlier … Laundress
Véronique Couzon … Marie-Louise Beauger
Piotr Daskiewicz … Polish Officer
Nicole Defer … Owner of dressmaking workshop & laundry
Patrick Dell’Isola … Emile Léonard Morterol
Jürgen Ellinghaus … Versailles Army Officer
Caroline Esnard-Benoit … Baker’s wife
Roland Fontaine … Child in Cour Popincourt
Przermyslaw Galkiewicz … Polish Officer
Jean-Michel Gallois … Concièrge

Directed by Peter Watkins
Screenplay by Agathe Bluysen, Peter Watkins
Cinematography Odd-Geir Sæther
Edited by Agathe Bluysen, Patrick Watkins, Peter Watkins
Running time 345 minutes
Country France
Language French


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