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The 10 Best Movies of 1978 was a film website that was owned by In June 2007 the site’s staff compiled a list of the top 10 films for 1978. Alan Parker’s controversial Midnight Express is placed 2nd while even more surprising is the ranking of musical Grease at number 3. There’s notably no foreign language films among the ten.

1) The Deer Hunter
Director: Michael Cimino

2) Midnight Express
Director: Alan Parker

3) Grease
Director: Randal Kleiser

4) Superman
Director: Richard Donner

5) Halloween
Director: John Carpenter

6) Animal House
Director: John Landis

7) Dawn of the Dead
Director: George Romero

8) Same Time, Next Year
Director: Robert Mulligan

9) Days of Heaven
Director: Terrence Malick

10) Up in Smoke
Director: Lou Adler