The Pendragon Society’s 1000 Greatest Films of All-Time 2021

Here it finally is, the Pendragon Film Society’s annual study of the greatest films of all-time. With the shadow of a worldwide pandemic once again, the process took a little longer than normal but this poll has come from by far the largest amount of lists we’ve ever compiled. The final results come from not only the ballots of our contributors and members but also the results of numerous polls and user rating systems as shown in the Greatest Films List section.

  • 2000-1001
  • 1000-901
  • 900-801
  • 800-701
  • 700-601
  • 600-501
  • 500-401
  • 400-301
  • 300-201
  • 200-101
  • 100-1

Ranking films in this manner is, of course, a very subjective exercise and we are not attempting the produce a list that provides a definitive answer to what are the greatest films ever made. In fact, there are many great films that have not made it into are top 1000 or even the top 2000! The purpose of the poll is to provide those with an interest in the moving image a guide to what might be worth viewing and make them think about what makes great cinema.

Below are listed the directors with 2 or more films in the top 1000 –

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