The Guardian’s 25 best arthouse films of all time

The Guardian published the list in 2010. It’s an interesting take on what they consider to be arthouse. There’s no 2001 (Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange is in instead), despite many critics believing the sci-fi masterpiece is one of the major artistic works of the 20th century, but it’s hard to argue that nearly all the 25 films are not strong examples of arthouse cinema at its finest. There are, of course, many great films that could have made this list and I will question the high placing of The Graduate, which is inventively shot (even making the folk rock songs of Simon & Garfunkel seem edgy and cool) but some of the arty camerawork now seems dated and just celluloid filler. Is Andrei Rublev the greatest arthouse film of all-time? Well it’s as good a choice as any! sjb.

1) Andrei Rublev

2) Mulholland Drive

3) L’Atalante

4) Toyko Story

5) Citizen Kane

6) A Clockwork Orange

7) Days of Heaven

8) Fanny and Alexander

9) The White Ribbon

10) Gospel According to St. Matthew

11) Aguirre, Wrath of God

12) Pather Panchali

13) The Conformist

14) Death in Venice

15) The Godfather

16) The Graduate

17) There Will Be Blood

18) Battleship Potemkin

19) The Rules of the Game

20) Shadows

21) Distant Voices, Still Lives

22) The Passion of Joan of Arc

23) La dolce vita

24) Breaking the Waves

25) The Spirit of the Beehive

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