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Arts & Faith’s Top 100 Spiritually Significant Films – 2011

In 2011 Arts & Faith, an online discussion group comprised of film critics and other contributors, announced its list of the Top 100 spiritually significant films ever made. The list is in alphabetical order based on the original names of the films.

2001: A Space Odyssey
4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days
A Man Escaped (1956)
A Man for All Seasons (1966)
After Life
Amadeus (1984)
Andrei Rublev
Apocalypse Now (1979)
Babette’s Feast
Becket (1964)
Bicycle Thieves (1948)
Black Narcissus
Born Into Brothels: Calcutta’s Red Light Kids (2004)…
Burmese Harp (1985)
Chariots of Fire (1981)
Code Unknown: Incomplete Tales of Several Journeys… (2000)
Crimes and Misdemeanors
Day of Wrath
Days of Heaven
Diary of a Country Priest
Early Summer (1951)
Eureka (Shooting Gallery)
Faust (1926)
Fiddler on the Roof (1971)
Floating Weeds
Grave of the Fireflies (1988)…
Heartbeat Detector
How Green Was My Valley (1941)
Into Great Silence (2005)
It’s a Wonderful Life
Jesus of Montreal
Lawrence of Arabia
M (1931)
Magnolia (1999)
Make Way for Tomorrow
Munyurangabo (2007)…
My Night at Maud’s (1969)…
Paris, Texas (1984)…
Pather Panchali (1955)
Paths of Glory (1957)
Places in the Heart (1984)
Playtime (1967)…
Ponette (1996)

Ran (1985)
Schindler’s List (1993)
Silent Light
Sophie Scholl: The Final Days (2005)
Spirited Away
Still Life
Stroszek (1977)…
Sullivan’s Travels (1941)
Summer Hours
Syndromes and a Century (2006)
Tender Mercies (1983)
The Apostle (1997)
The Child (2005)
The Death of Mister Lazarescu
The Decalogue I
The Double Life of Véronique (1991)
The Flowers of St. Francis
The Gospel According to St. Matthew
The Iron Giant
The Island (2006)
The Miracle Maker (2000)…
The Mirror
The New World (2005)…
The Night of the Hunter (1955)
The Nights of Cabiria
The Passion of Joan of Arc
The Promise (1996)
The Return
The Rules of the Game
The Searchers
The Seventh Seal
The Son
The Spirit of the Beehive (1973)
The Story of the Weeping Camel
The Straight Story (1999)
The Trial (1962)
The Unvanquished
The World of Apu
There Will Be Blood (2007)
Three Colours: Blue
Three Colours: Red
Three Colours: White
Tokyo Story
Touch of Evil
Vertigo (1958)
Vivre Sa Vie (My Life to Live)
Wild Strawberries
Wings of Desire
Winter Light
Yi Yi: A One and a Two…

FILMS RANKED 1001-2000 on They Shoot Pictures, Don’t They? 1,000 Greatest Films (2019)

The lists of the 1,000 Greatest Films of all-time are primarily compiled from individual critics’ and filmmakers’ personal lists/ballots of their favourite/best films. Listed below are the films that were ranked from 1,001 to 2,000. View the top 1000.

1001 Superman: The Movie [1978] 1978 Donner, Richard
1002 The Act of Killing 2012 Oppenheimer, Joshua
1003 Shaun of the Dead 2004 Wright, Edgar
1004 Sideways 2004 Payne, Alexander
1005 The Blair Witch Project 1998 Myrick, Daniel & Eduardo Sánchez
1006 An American Werewolf In London 1981 Landis, John
1007 Under the Skin [2013] 2013 Glazer, Jonathan
1008 Commune (Paris, 1871), La 2000 Watkins, Peter
1009 Goddess [1934] 1934 Wu Yonggang
1010 Prophet, A 2009 Audiard, Jacques
1011 Disenchantment 1976 Chávarri, Jaime
1012 Lessons of Darkness 1992 Herzog, Werner
1013 Enfant secret, L’ 1982 Garrel, Philippe
1014 Portrait of Jason 1967 Clarke, Shirley
1015 Blazing Saddles 1974 Brooks, Mel
1016 Hurt Locker, The 2008 Bigelow, Kathryn
1017 Amores perros 2000 González Iñárritu, Alejandro
1018 Big Road, The 1934 Sun Yu
1019 Up 2009 Docter, Pete
1020 Holy Motors 2012 Carax, Leos
1021 Iracema – Uma Transa Amazônica 1975 Bodanzky, Jorge & Orlando Senna
1022 World, The 2004 Jia Zhangke
1023 Ashes of Time 1994 Wong Kar-wai
1024 Inglourious Basterds 2009 Tarantino, Quentin
1025 Diving Bell and the Butterfly, The 2007 Schnabel, Julian
1026 Gladiator [2000] 2000 Scott, Ridley
1027 Man on Wire 2008 Marsh, James
1028 Sherman’s March 1986 McElwee, Ross
1029 Incredibles, The 2004 Bird, Brad
1030 Rio 40 Graus 1955 dos Santos, Nelson Pereira
1031 Clueless 1995 Heckerling, Amy
1032 Pakeezah 1972 Amrohi, Kamal
1033 Waltz with Bashir 2008 Folman, Ari
1034 Grin Without a Cat, A 1977 Marker, Chris
1035 When We Were Kings 1996 Gast, Leon
1036 Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter… and Spring 2003 Kim Ki-duk
1037 Wings of Eagles, The 1957 Ford, John
1038 Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner 2001 Kunuk, Zacharias
1039 Aguaespejo granadino 1955 Val del Omar, José
1040 After Hours 1985 Scorsese, Martin
1041 Goldfinger 1964 Hamilton, Guy
1042 Head-On 2004 Akin, Fatih
1043 Bad Lieutenant 1992 Ferrara, Abel
1044 Iron Giant, The 1999 Bird, Brad
1045 Hero [2002] 2002 Zhang Yimou
1046 Empire 1964 Warhol, Andy
1047 Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan 2006 Charles, Larry
1048 Mad Max: Fury Road 2015 Miller, George
1049 India: Matri Bhumi 1959 Rossellini, Roberto
1050 Better Tomorrow, A 1986 Woo, John

1051 Paris is Burning 1990 Livingston, Jennie
1052 In the City of Sylvia 2007 Guerín, José Luis
1053 Macunaima 1969 de Andrade, Joaquim Pedro
1054 Hard-Boiled 1992 Woo, John
1055 Wake in Fright 1971 Kotcheff, Ted
1056 Phantom of the Paradise 1974 De Palma, Brian
1057 Dead Poets Society 1989 Weir, Peter
1058 Pianist, The 2002 Polanski, Roman
1059 Last of the Mohicans, The [1992] 1992 Mann, Michael
1060 Collectionneuse, La 1966 Rohmer, Eric
1061 Touchez pas au Grisbi 1954 Becker, Jacques
1062 Ruggles of Red Gap 1935 McCarey, Leo
1063 Rocky Horror Picture Show, The 1975 Sharman, Jim
1064 Point Break 1991 Bigelow, Kathryn
1065 War and Peace [1967] 1967 Bondarchuk, Sergei
1066 Story of Qiu Ju, The 1992 Zhang Yimou
1067 Boys from Fengkuei, The 1983 Hou Hsiao-hsien
1068 Mughal-E-Azam 1960 Asif, K.
1069 America, America 1963 Kazan, Elia
1070 Hyènes 1992 Mambéty, Djibril Diop
1071 Mad Max 1979 Miller, George
1072 Big Red One, The 1980 Fuller, Samuel
1073 Paper Moon 1973 Bogdanovich, Peter
1074 Tales of Hoffmann, The 1951 Powell, Michael/Emeric Pressburger
1075 Fountainhead, The 1949 Vidor, King
1076 Bad Timing 1980 Roeg, Nicolas
1077 Nutty Professor, The [1963] 1963 Lewis, Jerry
1078 Act of Seeing with One’s Own Eyes, The 1971 Brakhage, Stan
1079 Player, The 1992 Altman, Robert
1080 True Heart Susie 1919 Griffith, D.W.
1081 Social Network, The 2010 Fincher, David
1082 Mauvais sang 1986 Carax, Leos
1083 Johnny Got His Gun 1971 Trumbo, Dalton
1084 Witness 1985 Weir, Peter
1085 Beauty and the Beast 1991 Wise, Kirk/Gary Trousdale
1086 Blood of a Poet, The 1930 Cocteau, Jean
1087 Indian Tomb, The 1959 Lang, Fritz
1088 Enfant, L’ 2005 Dardenne, Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne
1089 Kung Fu Hustle 2004 Chow, Stephen
1090 Boucher, Le 1970 Chabrol, Claude
1091 Far from Heaven 2002 Haynes, Todd
1092 Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, The 2002 Jackson, Peter
1093 Yellow Submarine 1968 Dunning, George
1094 Black Sunday [1960] 1960 Bava, Mario
1095 When a Woman Ascends the Stairs 1960 Naruse, Mikio
1096 Welfare 1975 Wiseman, Frederick
1097 Pursued 1947 Walsh, Raoul
1098 Oasis 2002 Lee Chang-dong
1099 Sting, The 1973 Hill, George Roy
1100 Amour fou, L’ 1968 Rivette, Jacques

1101 Three Colours: White 1994 Kieslowski, Krzysztof
1102 Inception 2010 Nolan, Christopher
1103 Giant 1956 Stevens, George
1104 Princess Yang Kwei Fei 1955 Mizoguchi, Kenji
1105 Stop Making Sense 1984 Demme, Jonathan
1106 Awaara 1951 Kapoor, Raj
1107 White Material 2009 Denis, Claire
1108 Red and the White, The 1967 Jancsó, Miklós
1109 Café Lumière 2003 Hou Hsiao-hsien
1110 Sonatine [1993] 1993 Kitano, Takeshi
1111 Nosferatu the Vampyre 1979 Herzog, Werner
1112 Unsere Afrikareise 1966 Kubelka, Peter
1113 Shop on Main Street, The 1965 Kadar, Jan & Elmar Klos
1114 Husbands and Wives 1992 Allen, Woody
1115 Tabu [2012] 2012 Gomes, Miguel
1116 Boyz ‘N The Hood 1991 Singleton, John
1117 Year of Living Dangerously, The 1982 Weir, Peter
1118 Pixote 1981 Babenco, Hector
1119 Humanité, L’ 1999 Dumont, Bruno
1120 Sorcerer 1977 Friedkin, William
1121 My Beautiful Laundrette 1985 Frears, Stephen
1122 Workers Leave the Factory 1895 Lumière, Louis
1123 American Friend, The 1977 Wenders, Wim
1124 Pickpocket [1997] 1997 Jia Zhangke
1125 Jason and the Argonauts 1963 Chaffey, Don
1126 We Won’t Grow Old Together 1972 Pialat, Maurice
1127 Je t’aime, je t’aime 1968 Resnais, Alain
1128 Duel 1971 Spielberg, Steven
1129 Thing from Another World, The 1951 Nyby, Christian/Howard Hawks
1130 Death of Maria Malibran, The 1972 Schroeter, Werner
1131 Fog, The 1980 Carpenter, John
1132 Leviathan [2012] 2012 Castaing-Taylor, Lucien & Verena Paravel
1133 Hallelujah! 1929 Vidor, King
1134 Mysteries of Lisbon 2010 Ruiz, Raúl
1135 Trouble Every Day 2001 Denis, Claire
1136 Rose Hobart 1936 Cornell, Joseph
1137 Night Mail 1936 Watt, Harry & Basil Wright
1138 Heimat [TV] 1984 Reitz, Edgar
1139 Que viva Mexico! 1932 Eisenstein, Sergei
1140 Promised Land, The 1974 Wajda, Andrzej
1141 Hail Mary 1985 Godard, Jean-Luc
1142 Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song 1971 Van Peebles, Melvin
1143 Grease 1978 Kleiser, Randal
1144 Late Autumn [1960] 1960 Ozu, Yasujiro
1145 Two Lovers 2008 Gray, James
1146 Stardust Memories 1980 Allen, Woody
1147 Stray Dog [1949] 1949 Kurosawa, Akira
1148 Carlito’s Way 1993 De Palma, Brian
1149 Ulysses’ Gaze 1995 Angelopoulos, Theo
1150 Insect Woman, The 1963 Imamura, Shohei

1151 Ryan’s Daughter 1970 Lean, David
1152 Sixth Sense, The 1999 Shyamalan, M. Night
1153 Run Lola Run 1998 Tykwer, Tom
1154 Millennium Mambo 2001 Hou Hsiao-hsien
1155 Magnificent Seven, The 1960 Sturges, John
1156 Horse Thief, The 1986 Tian Zhuangzhuang
1157 Godzilla [1954] 1954 Honda, Ishiro
1158 My Childhood 1972 Douglas, Bill
1159 Evil Dead, The 1981 Raimi, Sam
1160 Who Framed Roger Rabbit? 1988 Zemeckis, Robert
1161 Remains of the Day, The 1993 Ivory, James
1162 Feu follet, Le 1963 Malle, Louis
1163 Summer with Monika 1953 Bergman, Ingmar
1164 Happiness [1998] 1998 Solondz, Todd
1165 Sorpasso, Il 1963 Risi, Dino
1166 Argent, L’ [1928] 1928 L’Herbier, Marcel
1167 Persepolis 2007 Paronnaud, Vincent & Marjane Satrapi
1168 Way Down East 1920 Griffith, D.W.
1169 Being John Malkovich 1999 Jonze, Spike
1170 Certified Copy 2010 Kiarostami, Abbas
1171 What Have I Done to Deserve This? 1985 Almodóvar, Pedro
1172 Platoon 1986 Stone, Oliver
1173 Jackie Brown 1997 Tarantino, Quentin
1174 You Only Live Once 1937 Lang, Fritz
1175 Fantomas 1913 Feuillade, Louis
1176 Straw Dogs 1971 Peckinpah, Sam
1177 Ju Dou 1990 Zhang Yimou
1178 Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, The 2007 Dominik, Andrew
1179 Milky Way, The 1969 Buñuel, Luis
1180 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 1984 Spielberg, Steven
1181 Lady Windermere’s Fan 1925 Lubitsch, Ernst
1182 Moolaadé 2004 Sembene, Ousmane
1183 Docks of New York, The 1928 von Sternberg, Josef
1184 Toy Story 3 2010 Unkrich, Lee
1185 Pink Floyd: The Wall 1982 Parker, Alan
1186 Seconds 1966 Frankenheimer, John
1187 Changeling, The 1980 Medak, Peter
1188 Gloria [1980] 1980 Cassavetes, John
1189 Fallen Idol, The 1948 Reed, Carol
1190 Law of Desire 1987 Almodóvar, Pedro
1191 Showgirls 1995 Verhoeven, Paul
1192 Invasion of the Body Snatchers [1978] 1978 Kaufman, Philip
1193 Shame [1968] 1968 Bergman, Ingmar
1194 Election [1999] 1999 Payne, Alexander
1195 Toy Story 2 1999 Lasseter, John
1196 Babe 1995 Noonan, Chris
1197 War of the Worlds, The 1953 Haskin, Byron
1198 Gandhi 1982 Attenborough, Richard
1199 Shanghai Gesture, The 1941 von Sternberg, Josef
1200 Diamonds of the Night 1964 Nemec, Jan

1201 Out 1: Spectre 1972 Rivette, Jacques
1202 Cure 1997 Kurosawa, Kiyoshi
1203 Two for the Road 1967 Donen, Stanley
1204 Ronde, La 1950 Ophüls, Max
1205 Insider, The 1999 Mann, Michael
1206 Mädchen in Uniform 1931 Sagan, Leontine
1207 This Sporting Life 1963 Anderson, Lindsay
1208 Land and Freedom 1995 Loach, Ken
1209 Typhoon Club 1985 Somai, Shinji
1210 Zorns Lemma 1970 Frampton, Hollis
1211 Evolution of a Filipino Family 2004 Diaz, Lav
1212 Slumdog Millionaire 2008 Boyle, Danny
1213 Alice [1988] 1988 Svankmajer, Jan
1214 Heavenly Creatures 1994 Jackson, Peter
1215 My Winnipeg 2007 Maddin, Guy
1216 Arsenic and Old Lace 1944 Capra, Frank
1217 Storm Over Asia 1928 Pudovkin, Vsevolod
1218 Minamata: The Victims and Their World 1971 Tsuchimoto, Noriaki
1219 Repo Man 1984 Cox, Alex
1220 People on Sunday 1930 Siodmak, Robert & Edgar G. Ulmer
1221 Daughters of the Dust 1991 Dash, Julie
1222 Portrait of Jennie 1948 Dieterle, William
1223 War Game, The 1965 Watkins, Peter
1224 Long Goodbye, A 1971 Muratova, Kira
1225 Capturing the Friedmans 2003 Jarecki, Andrew
1226 Five Obstructions, The 2003 Leth, Jørgen & Lars von Trier
1227 Now, Voyager 1942 Rapper, Irving
1228 Fish Tank 2009 Arnold, Andrea
1229 Santa Sangre 1989 Jodorowsky, Alejandro
1230 Infernal Affairs 2002 Lau, Andrew & Alan Mak
1231 Naked Spur, The 1953 Mann, Anthony
1232 Lacombe, Lucien 1974 Malle, Louis
1233 Devil is a Woman, The 1935 von Sternberg, Josef
1234 Omen, The 1976 Donner, Richard
1235 Fish Called Wanda, A 1988 Crichton, Charles
1236 Volver 2006 Almodóvar, Pedro
1237 Go-Between, The 1971 Losey, Joseph
1238 Taking of Pelham One Two Three, The 1974 Sargent, Joseph
1239 Out of Africa 1985 Pollack, Sydney
1240 Tender Mercies 1983 Beresford, Bruce
1241 Los Angeles Plays Itself 2003 Andersen, Thom
1242 Corbeau, Le 1943 Clouzot, Henri-Georges
1243 Portrait of Ga, A 1952 Tait, Margaret
1244 Gold Diggers of 1933 1933 LeRoy, Mervyn
1245 Hearts and Minds 1974 Davis, Peter
1246 Sweetie 1989 Campion, Jane
1247 Margaret 2011 Lonergan, Kenneth
1248 Haunting, The 1963 Wise, Robert
1249 Spider’s Stratagem, The 1970 Bertolucci, Bernardo
1250 À propos de Nice 1930 Vigo, Jean

1251 Naked Kiss, The 1964 Fuller, Samuel
1252 Wrong Man, The 1956 Hitchcock, Alfred
1253 Bad Sleep Well, The 1960 Kurosawa, Akira
1254 Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, The 1970 Wilder, Billy
1255 Havre, Le 2011 Kaurismäki, Aki
1256 Barefoot Contessa, The 1954 Mankiewicz, Joseph L.
1257 Burden of Dreams 1982 Blank, Les
1258 Bienvenido Mister Marshall 1952 García Berlanga, Luis
1259 Waking Life 2001 Linklater, Richard
1260 Goodbye South, Goodbye 1996 Hou Hsiao-hsien
1261 Je, tu, il, elle 1974 Akerman, Chantal
1262 Duck Amuck 1953 Jones, Chuck
1263 Mission, The [1986] 1986 Joffe, Roland
1264 Street of Crocodiles 1986 Quay, Stephen & Timothy Quay
1265 Truman Show, The 1998 Weir, Peter
1266 Heaven Can Wait [1943] 1943 Lubitsch, Ernst
1267 Crying Game, The 1992 Jordan, Neil
1268 Fox and His Friends 1975 Fassbinder, Rainer Werner
1269 Saraband 2003 Bergman, Ingmar
1270 Unbearable Lightness of Being, The 1988 Kaufman, Philip
1271 Delicatessen 1990 Jeunet, Jean-Pierre/Marc Caro
1272 My Man Godfrey 1936 La Cava, Gregory
1273 Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge 1995 Chopra, Aditya
1274 Gates of Heaven 1978 Morris, Errol
1275 Quadrophenia 1979 Roddam, Franc
1276 Léolo 1992 Lauzon, Jean-Claude
1277 Liebelei 1932 Ophüls, Max
1278 Shoeshine 1946 De Sica, Vittorio
1279 To Be and to Have 2002 Philibert, Nicolas
1280 Gallipoli 1981 Weir, Peter
1281 Bull Durham 1988 Shelton, Ron
1282 Short Film About Love, A 1988 Kieslowski, Krzysztof
1283 Shampoo 1975 Ashby, Hal
1284 Dances with Wolves 1990 Costner, Kevin
1285 Four Nights of a Dreamer 1971 Bresson, Robert
1286 Stolen Kisses 1968 Truffaut, François
1287 Kill Bill Vol. 2 2004 Tarantino, Quentin
1288 Beyond, The 1981 Fulci, Lucio
1289 Holy Girl, The 2004 Martel, Lucrecia
1290 One, Two, Three 1961 Wilder, Billy
1291 Streetwise 1984 Bell, Martin
1292 South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut 1999 Parker, Trey
1293 Show Me Love 1998 Moodysson, Lukas
1294 Mystic River 2003 Eastwood, Clint
1295 Onibaba 1964 Shindo, Kaneto
1296 Scarlet Street 1945 Lang, Fritz
1297 Together [2000] 2000 Moodysson, Lukas
1298 Tout va bien 1972 Godard, Jean-Luc & Jean-Pierre Gorin
1299 Big Parade, The [1925] 1925 Vidor, King
1300 Buffalo ’66 1998 Gallo, Vincent

1301 My Fair Lady 1964 Cukor, George
1302 Swing Time 1936 Stevens, George
1303 Re-Animator 1985 Gordon, Stuart
1304 Before the Rain 1994 Manchevski, Milcho
1305 Adventures of Prince Achmed, The 1926 Reiniger, Lotte
1306 Safety Last 1923 Newmeyer, Fred C. & Sam Taylor
1307 Funny Face 1957 Donen, Stanley
1308 Force of Evil 1948 Polonsky, Abraham
1309 Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory 1971 Stuart, Mel
1310 Ride Lonesome 1959 Boetticher, Budd
1311 Stranger by the Lake 2013 Guiraudie, Alain
1312 What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? 1962 Aldrich, Robert
1313 Kramer vs. Kramer 1979 Benton, Robert
1314 Midnight 1939 Leisen, Mitchell
1315 Planet of the Apes [1968] 1968 Schaffner, Franklin J.
1316 Man from Laramie, The 1955 Mann, Anthony
1317 Toni 1935 Renoir, Jean
1318 Roue, La 1923 Gance, Abel
1319 Soft Skin, The 1964 Truffaut, François
1320 Palombella rossa 1989 Moretti, Nanni
1321 I Am Twenty 1964 Khutsiev, Marlen
1322 Rumble Fish 1983 Coppola, Francis Ford
1323 25th Hour 2002 Lee, Spike
1324 Day of the Dead 1985 Romero, George A.
1325 Fall of the House of Usher, The [1928-France] 1928 Epstein, Jean
1326 Shara 2003 Kawase, Naomi
1327 Tih Minh 1918 Feuillade, Louis
1328 Arnulf Rainer 1960 Kubelka, Peter
1329 Man Without a Past, The 2002 Kaurismäki, Aki
1330 Doomed Love [TV] 1978 Oliveira, Manoel de
1331 Mephisto 1981 Szabó, István
1332 Bad News Bears, The 1976 Ritchie, Michael
1333 Bowling for Columbine 2002 Moore, Michael
1334 Winchester ’73 1950 Mann, Anthony
1335 Kuhle Wampe 1931 Dudow, Slatan
1336 Sant Tukaram 1936 Fattelal, Sheikh & Vishnupant Govind Damle
1337 Tom Jones 1963 Richardson, Tony
1338 Bitter Victory 1957 Ray, Nicholas
1339 Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore 1974 Scorsese, Martin
1340 Gerry 2002 Van Sant, Gus
1341 Carnet de Bal, Un 1937 Duvivier, Julien
1342 Battle of Chile: Part 2, The 1976 Guzmán, Patricio
1343 Valentin de las Sierras 1967 Baillie, Bruce
1344 Boy [1969] 1969 Oshima, Nagisa
1345 Cannibal Holocaust 1979 Deodato, Ruggero
1346 Housemaid, The [1960] 1960 Kim Ki-young
1347 Adaptation. 2002 Jonze, Spike
1348 Informer, The [1935] 1935 Ford, John
1349 Natural Born Killers 1994 Stone, Oliver
1350 Battle Royale 2000 Fukasaku, Kinji

1351 Night Porter, The 1974 Cavani, Liliana
1352 Twelve Monkeys 1995 Gilliam, Terry
1353 Brown Bunny, The 2003 Gallo, Vincent
1354 Under the Roofs of Paris 1930 Clair, René
1355 Man in the White Suit, The 1951 Mackendrick, Alexander
1356 Arbor, The 2010 Barnard, Clio
1357 New Leaf, A 1971 May, Elaine
1358 Fist of Fury 1972 Lo Wei
1359 Brood, The 1979 Cronenberg, David
1360 Burmese Harp, The 1956 Ichikawa, Kon
1361 Yearning 1964 Naruse, Mikio
1362 Only Son, The 1936 Ozu, Yasujiro
1363 Beguiled, The [1971] 1971 Siegel, Don
1364 Reason, Debate and a Story 1974 Ghatak, Ritwik
1365 Secret Sunshine 2007 Lee Chang-dong
1366 35 Shots of Rum 2008 Denis, Claire
1367 Cronaca familiare 1962 Zurlini, Valerio
1368 sex, lies, and videotape 1989 Soderbergh, Steven
1369 79 primaveras 1969 Álvarez, Santiago
1370 Face in the Crowd, A 1957 Kazan, Elia
1371 London 1994 Keiller, Patrick
1372 Lucía 1969 Solás, Humberto
1373 Fat Girl 2001 Breillat, Catherine
1374 Small Change 1976 Truffaut, François
1375 Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould 1993 Girard, Francois
1376 Fallen Angels 1995 Wong Kar-wai
1377 Queen Kelly 1929 von Stroheim, Erich
1378 Hamlet [1964] 1964 Kozintsev, Grigori
1379 There’s Always Tomorrow 1956 Sirk, Douglas
1380 Diner 1982 Levinson, Barry
1381 Mother [1926] 1926 Pudovkin, Vsevolod
1382 Black Cat, The 1934 Ulmer, Edgar G.
1383 Artists and Models 1955 Tashlin, Frank
1384 Parallax View, The 1974 Pakula, Alan J.
1385 Terms of Endearment 1983 Brooks, James L.
1386 Wings [1966] 1966 Shepitko, Larisa
1387 Man of Marble 1977 Wajda, Andrzej
1388 Missing 1982 Costa-Gavras, Constantin
1389 Beyond a Reasonable Doubt 1956 Lang, Fritz
1390 Devils on the Doorstep 2000 Jiang Wen
1391 George Washington 2000 Green, David Gordon
1392 William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet 1996 Luhrmann, Baz
1393 Mikey and Nicky 1976 May, Elaine
1394 Flower of My Secret, The 1995 Almodóvar, Pedro
1395 Children of Heaven 1997 Majidi, Majid
1396 Silences of the Palace, The 1994 Tlatli, Moufida
1397 Four Weddings and a Funeral 1994 Newell, Mike
1398 Devil’s Backbone, The 2001 del Toro, Guillermo
1399 What Time is it There? 2001 Tsai Ming-liang
1400 Minnie and Moskowitz 1971 Cassavetes, John

1401 Old Dark House, The 1932 Whale, James
1402 Night Moves [1975] 1975 Penn, Arthur
1403 Swimmer, The 1968 Perry, Frank
1404 Woman in the Window, The 1944 Lang, Fritz
1405 To Live and Die in L.A. 1985 Friedkin, William
1406 Police Story 1985 Chan, Jackie
1407 Bullitt 1968 Yates, Peter
1408 Baby Doll 1956 Kazan, Elia
1409 Days and Nights in the Forest 1970 Ray, Satyajit
1410 To Sleep with Anger 1990 Burnett, Charles
1411 Land of Silence and Darkness 1971 Herzog, Werner
1412 Last Waltz, The 1978 Scorsese, Martin
1413 Intentions of Murder 1964 Imamura, Shohei
1414 Mortal Storm, The 1940 Borzage, Frank
1415 Querelle 1982 Fassbinder, Rainer Werner
1416 Angel Face 1953 Preminger, Otto
1417 Two Stage Sisters 1965 Xie Jin
1418 Jungle Book, The [1967] 1967 Reitherman, Wolfgang
1419 Milestones 1975 Kramer, Robert & John Douglas
1420 Hamlet [1948] 1948 Olivier, Laurence
1421 Leave Her to Heaven 1945 Stahl, John M.
1422 Advise and Consent 1962 Preminger, Otto
1423 Klute 1971 Pakula, Alan J.
1424 Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy 2004 McKay, Adam
1425 True Romance 1993 Scott, Tony
1426 Out of Sight 1998 Soderbergh, Steven
1427 Bidone, Il 1955 Fellini, Federico
1428 Fast Times at Ridgemont High 1982 Heckerling, Amy
1429 Pulse 2001 Kurosawa, Kiyoshi
1430 Mr. Arkadin 1955 Welles, Orson
1431 Europa 1991 von Trier, Lars
1432 Ganga Bruta 1933 Mauro, Humberto
1433 Story of a Cheat, The 1936 Guitry, Sacha
1434 Mandala 1981 Im Kwon-taek
1435 Room with a View, A 1985 Ivory, James
1436 Modern Romance 1981 Brooks, Albert
1437 Forest of Bliss 1986 Gardner, Robert
1438 Empire of the Sun 1987 Spielberg, Steven
1439 Lion King, The 1994 Minkoff, Rob & Roger Allers
1440 Femme douce, Une 1969 Bresson, Robert
1441 Midnight Express 1978 Parker, Alan
1442 Pastoral: To Die in the Country 1974 Terayama, Shuji
1443 Equinox Flower 1958 Ozu, Yasujiro
1444 Random Harvest 1942 LeRoy, Mervyn
1445 Night and the City [1950] 1950 Dassin, Jules
1446 Take the Money and Run 1969 Allen, Woody
1447 Signora di Tutti, La 1934 Ophüls, Max
1448 Childhood of Maxim Gorky, The 1938 Donskoi, Mark
1449 King in New York, A 1957 Chaplin, Charles
1450 Gion bayashi 1953 Mizoguchi, Kenji

1451 Rio Grande 1950 Ford, John
1452 Goodbye to Language 2014 Godard, Jean-Luc
1453 White Nights 1957 Visconti, Luchino
1454 Hugo 2011 Scorsese, Martin
1455 On Dangerous Ground 1951 Ray, Nicholas
1456 Prénom Carmen 1983 Godard, Jean-Luc
1457 Peter Ibbetson 1935 Hathaway, Henry
1458 Death Proof 2007 Tarantino, Quentin
1459 Bellissima 1951 Visconti, Luchino
1460 Fuzis, Os 1964 Guerra, Ruy
1461 Battle of Chile: Part 1, The 1975 Guzmán, Patricio
1462 Triplets of Belleville, The 2003 Chomet, Sylvain
1463 Draughtsman’s Contract, The 1982 Greenaway, Peter
1464 Breaking Away 1979 Yates, Peter
1465 Forty Guns 1957 Fuller, Samuel
1466 Great Beauty, The 2013 Sorrentino, Paolo
1467 Kanal 1956 Wajda, Andrzej
1468 Even Dwarfs Started Small 1970 Herzog, Werner
1469 Ratcatcher 1999 Ramsay, Lynne
1470 Pour la suite du monde 1963 Perrault, Pierre & Michel Brault
1471 Son’s Room, The 2001 Moretti, Nanni
1472 Schwechater 1958 Kubelka, Peter
1473 Late Chrysanthemums 1954 Naruse, Mikio
1474 Natural, The 1984 Levinson, Barry
1475 Plein soleil 1960 Clément, René
1476 Braindead 1992 Jackson, Peter
1477 Gabbeh 1996 Makhmalbaf, Mohsen
1478 Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India 2001 Gowariker, Ashutosh
1479 Charley Varrick 1973 Siegel, Don
1480 Moses and Aaron 1975 Straub, Jean-Marie & Danièle Huillet
1481 Apple, The 1997 Makhmalbaf, Samira
1482 Horse Feathers 1932 McLeod, Norman Z.
1483 Morvern Callar 2002 Ramsay, Lynne
1484 Full Moon in Paris 1984 Rohmer, Eric
1485 Luna 1979 Bertolucci, Bernardo
1486 Gattaca 1997 Niccol, Andrew
1487 Great Ecstasy of Woodcarver Steiner, The 1975 Herzog, Werner
1488 Still Life [1974] 1974 Saless, Sohrab Shahid
1489 Clerks 1994 Smith, Kevin
1490 Coeur en hiver, Un 1991 Sautet, Claude
1491 California Split 1974 Altman, Robert
1492 Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer 1986 McNaughton, John
1493 Time to Love and a Time to Die, A 1958 Sirk, Douglas
1494 Letters from Iwo Jima 2006 Eastwood, Clint
1495 Seven Beauties 1976 Wertmüller, Lina
1496 Hud 1963 Ritt, Martin
1497 Regular Lovers 2005 Garrel, Philippe
1498 Office Space 1998 Judge, Mike
1499 Doulos, Le 1963 Melville, Jean-Pierre
1500 Ballad of Cable Hogue, The 1970 Peckinpah, Sam

1501 I Even Met Happy Gypsies 1967 Petrovic, Aleksandar
1502 Waiting for Happiness 2002 Sissako, Abderrahmane
1503 Sexy Beast 2000 Glazer, Jonathan
1504 This is Not a Film 2011 Panahi, Jafar & Mojtaba Mirtahmasb
1505 Love in the Afternoon 1957 Wilder, Billy
1506 Chariots of Fire 1981 Hudson, Hugh
1507 American Movie 1999 Smith, Chris
1508 Zvenigora 1928 Dovzhenko, Alexander
1509 Page of Madness, A 1926 Kinugasa, Teinosuke
1510 Through a Glass Darkly 1961 Bergman, Ingmar
1511 Red Snowball Tree, The 1974 Shukshin, Vasiliy
1512 Match Point 2005 Allen, Woody
1513 Playing 2007 Coutinho, Eduardo
1514 Dillinger is Dead 1969 Ferreri, Marco
1515 Vai-E-Vem 2003 Monteiro, João César
1516 Gentleman Jim 1942 Walsh, Raoul
1517 Accident 1967 Losey, Joseph
1518 I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang 1932 LeRoy, Mervyn
1519 Samson and Delilah [1949] 1949 DeMille, Cecil B.
1520 Route One USA 1989 Kramer, Robert
1521 Born in Flames 1983 Borden, Lizzie
1522 While the City Sleeps 1956 Lang, Fritz
1523 Divorce Italian Style 1962 Germi, Pietro
1524 Seventh Victim, The 1943 Robson, Mark
1525 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 1998 Gilliam, Terry
1526 Pasazerka 1963 Munk, Andrzej
1527 Kids 1995 Clark, Larry
1528 Bal, Le 1983 Scola, Ettore
1529 Images of the World and the Inscription of War 1989 Farocki, Harun
1530 Autumn Sonata 1978 Bergman, Ingmar
1531 Woodstock 1970 Wadleigh, Michael
1532 Team America: World Police 2004 Parker, Trey
1533 Night Train [1959] 1959 Kawalerowicz, Jerzy
1534 Bram Stoker’s Dracula 1992 Coppola, Francis Ford
1535 War and Peace [1956] 1956 Vidor, King
1536 Actor’s Revenge, An 1963 Ichikawa, Kon
1537 Man’s Castle 1933 Borzage, Frank
1538 Ménilmontant 1926 Kirsanoff, Dimitri
1539 Miracle Worker, The 1962 Penn, Arthur
1540 Predator 1987 McTiernan, John
1541 Colorado Territory 1949 Walsh, Raoul
1542 House of Flying Daggers 2004 Zhang Yimou
1543 Hole, The [1998] 1998 Tsai Ming-liang
1544 Dragon Inn [1966] 1966 Hu, King
1545 My Ain Folk 1973 Douglas, Bill
1546 Passion of Anna, The 1969 Bergman, Ingmar
1547 Line Describing a Cone 1973 McCall, Anthony
1548 Say Anything… 1989 Crowe, Cameron
1549 Ulzana’s Raid 1972 Aldrich, Robert
1550 Sao Bernardo 1971 Hirszman, Leon

1551 Loulou 1980 Pialat, Maurice
1552 Napoleon Dynamite 2004 Hess, Jared
1553 Carnival in Flanders 1935 Feyder, Jacques
1554 Sundays and Cybele 1962 Bourguignon, Serge
1555 Dune 1984 Lynch, David
1556 Movie, A 1958 Conner, Bruce
1557 Videograms of a Revolution 1992 Farocki, Harun & Andrei Ujica
1558 Padre padrone 1977 Taviani, Paolo & Vittorio Taviani
1559 Avanti! 1972 Wilder, Billy
1560 Spiritual Voices 1995 Sokurov, Aleksandr
1561 Taira Clan Saga 1955 Mizoguchi, Kenji
1562 Inferno [1980] 1980 Argento, Dario
1563 Belovy 1993 Kossakovsky, Victor
1564 Ring 1998 Nakata, Hideo
1565 Flowing 1956 Naruse, Mikio
1566 Happiness [1934] 1934 Medvedkin, Aleksandr
1567 Radio Days 1987 Allen, Woody
1568 Regen 1929 Ivens, Joris & Mannus Franken
1569 Heathers 1989 Lehmann, Michael
1570 Serious Man, A 2009 Coen, Joel & Ethan Coen
1571 Eternity and a Day 1998 Angelopoulos, Theo
1572 Braveheart 1995 Gibson, Mel
1573 Times of Harvey Milk, The 1984 Epstein, Rob
1574 Miss Oyu 1951 Mizoguchi, Kenji
1575 Wrong Trousers, The 1993 Park, Nick
1576 Three Times 2005 Hou Hsiao-hsien
1577 Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice 1969 Mazursky, Paul
1578 Entr’acte 1924 Clair, René
1579 Crimson Gold 2003 Panahi, Jafar
1580 Moonstruck 1987 Jewison, Norman
1581 Mississippi Mermaid 1969 Truffaut, François
1582 Beware of a Holy Whore 1970 Fassbinder, Rainer Werner
1583 Fistful of Dollars, A 1964 Leone, Sergio
1584 Fistful of Dynamite, A 1971 Leone, Sergio
1585 Devil and the Nun, The 1961 Kawalerowicz, Jerzy
1586 Getaway, The [1972] 1972 Peckinpah, Sam
1587 Raining in the Mountain 1979 Hu, King
1588 Hours, The 2002 Daldry, Stephen
1589 Room at the Top 1959 Clayton, Jack
1590 One-Eyed Jacks 1961 Brando, Marlon
1591 Sun, The 2005 Sokurov, Aleksandr
1592 City Girl 1930 Murnau, F.W.
1593 Last Adventure, The [1967] 1967 Enrico, Robert
1594 Threepenny Opera, The 1931 Pabst, G.W.
1595 You, the Living 2007 Andersson, Roy
1596 Maison des bois, La [TV] 1971 Pialat, Maurice
1597 Intimate Lighting 1965 Passer, Ivan
1598 It’s Always Fair Weather 1955 Donen, Stanley/Gene Kelly
1599 Homework 1989 Kiarostami, Abbas
1600 Little Big Man 1970 Penn, Arthur

1601 Tampopo 1985 Itami, Juzo
1602 In the Year of the Pig 1969 de Antonio, Emile
1603 Betty Blue 1986 Beineix, Jean-Jacques
1604 Monsoon Wedding 2001 Nair, Mira
1605 Fires on the Plain 1959 Ichikawa, Kon
1606 Corner in Wheat, A 1909 Griffith, D.W.
1607 Killers, The [1946] 1946 Siodmak, Robert
1608 Window, Water, Baby, Moving 1962 Brakhage, Stan
1609 Class, The 2008 Cantet, Laurent
1610 Honeymoon Killers, The 1970 Kastle, Leonard
1611 Poison 1990 Haynes, Todd
1612 In the Heat of the Night 1967 Jewison, Norman
1613 Scenes from Under Childhood 1967-1970 Brakhage, Stan
1614 Money Order, The 1968 Sembene, Ousmane
1615 Libertad, La 2001 Alonso, Lisandro
1616 Love, Actually 2003 Curtis, Richard
1617 Dimensions of Dialogue 1982 Svankmajer, Jan
1618 Dodsworth 1936 Wyler, William
1619 King Lear [1987] 1987 Godard, Jean-Luc
1620 Ghost in the Shell 1995 Oshii, Mamoru
1621 Swedish Love Story, A 1970 Andersson, Roy
1622 Irma Vep 1996 Assayas, Olivier
1623 Three Kings 1999 Russell, David O.
1624 Tom, Tom the Piper’s Son 1969 Jacobs, Ken
1625 Three Days of the Condor 1975 Pollack, Sydney
1626 Circle, The 2000 Panahi, Jafar
1627 Untouchables, The 1987 De Palma, Brian
1628 Cold Nights 1955 Lee Sun-fung
1629 Almost Famous 2000 Crowe, Cameron
1630 New Babylon, The 1929 Kozintsev, Grigori & Leonid Trauberg
1631 Art of Vision, The 1965 Brakhage, Stan
1632 Murder by Contract 1958 Lerner, Irving
1633 God’s Comedy 1995 Monteiro, João César
1634 Battle of Chile: Part 3, The 1979 Guzmán, Patricio
1635 Opfergang 1944 Harlan, Veit
1636 Extrano viaje, El 1964 Fernán Gómez, Fernando
1637 Little Stabs at Happiness 1959-1963 Jacobs, Ken
1638 My Brilliant Career 1979 Armstrong, Gillian
1639 David Holzman’s Diary 1967 McBride, Jim
1640 Trash 1970 Morrissey, Paul
1641 Finis terrae 1929 Epstein, Jean
1642 Night of Counting the Years, The 1969 Salam, Chadi Abdel
1643 Lodger, The [1927] 1927 Hitchcock, Alfred
1644 Life is Beautiful 1997 Benigni, Roberto
1645 Seopyeonje 1993 Im Kwon-taek
1646 Roaring Twenties, The 1939 Walsh, Raoul
1647 Conversation Piece 1974 Visconti, Luchino
1648 Pyramide humaine, La 1961 Rouch, Jean
1649 Set-Up, The 1949 Wise, Robert
1650 Addiction, The 1995 Ferrara, Abel

1651 Salaam Bombay! 1988 Nair, Mira
1652 Of a Thousand Delights 1965 Visconti, Luchino
1653 Ceremonie, La 1995 Chabrol, Claude
1654 Slacker 1991 Linklater, Richard
1655 Cluny Brown 1946 Lubitsch, Ernst
1656 From Here to Eternity 1953 Zinnemann, Fred
1657 Dracula [1931] 1931 Browning, Tod
1658 Jesus of Montreal 1989 Arcand, Denys
1659 Eureka [1983] 1983 Roeg, Nicolas
1660 Baraka 1992 Fricke, Ron
1661 Eniaios 1990 Markopoulos, Gregory J.
1662 Abyss, The 1989 Cameron, James
1663 Trust 1990 Hartley, Hal
1664 Calendar 1993 Egoyan, Atom
1665 Destiny [1921] 1921 Lang, Fritz
1666 Carabiniers, Les 1963 Godard, Jean-Luc
1667 Zoolander 2001 Stiller, Ben
1668 Primary 1960 Drew, Robert
1669 First Blood 1982 Kotcheff, Ted
1670 Holy Innocents, The 1984 Camus, Mario
1671 Actress, The [1991] 1991 Kwan, Stanley
1672 Outlaw and His Wife, The 1918 Sjöström, Victor
1673 Far Country, The 1955 Mann, Anthony
1674 Cruising 1980 Friedkin, William
1675 Island of Lost Souls 1932 Kenton, Erle C.
1676 Divine Intervention 2002 Suleiman, Elia
1677 Marquise of O, The 1976 Rohmer, Eric
1678 Under the Bridges 1946 Käutner, Helmut
1679 Birth of Love, The 1993 Garrel, Philippe
1680 Ordinary Fascism 1965 Romm, Mikhail
1681 13 Lakes 2004 Benning, James
1682 Manila by Night 1980 Bernal, Ishmael
1683 Scattered Clouds 1967 Naruse, Mikio
1684 Rocker [TV] 1972 Lemke, Klaus
1685 Raining Stones 1993 Loach, Ken
1686 Jour de Féte 1948 Tati, Jacques
1687 Sleeper 1973 Allen, Woody
1688 Riff-Raff [1991] 1991 Loach, Ken
1689 High School 1969 Wiseman, Frederick
1690 Welcome to the Dollhouse 1995 Solondz, Todd
1691 Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence 1983 Oshima, Nagisa
1692 Puzzle of a Downfall Child 1970 Schatzberg, Jerry
1693 Thin Man, The 1934 Van Dyke, W.S.
1694 Seventh Continent, The 1989 Haneke, Michael
1695 Bye Bye Brasil 1980 Diegues, Carlos
1696 Heiress, The 1949 Wyler, William
1697 Long Absence, The 1961 Colpi, Henri
1698 Brigadoon 1954 Minnelli, Vincente
1699 Best of Youth, The 2003 Giordana, Marco Tullio
1700 Tongues Untied 1990 Riggs, Marlon

1701 Chambre en ville, Une 1982 Demy, Jacques
1702 Moana [1926] 1926 Flaherty, Robert
1703 24 Hour Party People 2002 Winterbottom, Michael
1704 Freeze Die Come to Life 1989 Kanevsky, Vitali
1705 Sweet Movie 1974 Makavejev, Dusan
1706 Party Girl [1958] 1958 Ray, Nicholas
1707 Lonesome 1928 Fejös, Pál
1708 Wendy and Lucy 2008 Reichardt, Kelly
1709 Dangerous Liaisons 1988 Frears, Stephen
1710 Martin 1977 Romero, George A.
1711 Report 1965 Conner, Bruce
1712 Battle of the Somme, The 1916 Malins, Geoffrey
1713 Frenzy [1972] 1972 Hitchcock, Alfred
1714 Interiors 1978 Allen, Woody
1715 Cyrano de Bergerac [1990] 1990 Rappeneau, Jean-Paul
1716 One from the Heart 1982 Coppola, Francis Ford
1717 Letter to Three Wives, A 1949 Mankiewicz, Joseph L.
1718 Terrorizers, The 1986 Yang, Edward
1719 Blue Kite, The 1992 Tian Zhuangzhuang
1720 Boys Don’t Cry 1999 Peirce, Kimberly
1721 Pot Worth a Million Ryo, A 1935 Yamanaka, Sadao
1722 Kaos 1984 Taviani, Paolo & Vittorio Taviani
1723 Objective, Burma! 1945 Walsh, Raoul
1724 Dead of Night [1945] 1945 Cavalcanti, Alberto/Basil Dearden/Robert Hamer/Charles Crichton
1725 State of Things, The 1982 Wenders, Wim
1726 Under the Volcano 1984 Huston, John
1727 Marianne & Juliane 1981 von Trotta, Margarethe
1728 Scum 1979 Clarke, Alan
1729 Moonrise Kingdom 2012 Anderson, Wes
1730 Bed and Sofa 1927 Room, Abram
1731 Bamako 2006 Sissako, Abderrahmane
1732 Guerre est Finie, La 1966 Resnais, Alain
1733 Blow Job 1963 Warhol, Andy
1734 Little Fugitive 1953 Engel, Morris/Ray Ashley/Ruth Orkin
1735 Hotel du Nord 1938 Carné, Marcel
1736 Hour of the Star 1985 Amaral, Suzana
1737 Nibelungen: Siegfried, Die 1924 Lang, Fritz
1738 Enthusiasm 1931 Vertov, Dziga
1739 Trial of Joan of Arc 1962 Bresson, Robert
1740 Chinese Odyssey Part One: Pandora’s Box, A 1994 Lau, Jeffrey
1741 O Brother, Where Art Thou? 2000 Coen, Joel & Ethan Coen
1742 I’m Not There 2007 Haynes, Todd
1743 Last Wave, The 1977 Weir, Peter
1744 Man There Was, A 1917 Sjöström, Victor
1745 Warriors, The 1979 Hill, Walter
1746 Drugstore Cowboy 1989 Van Sant, Gus
1747 Unknown Pleasures 2002 Jia Zhangke
1748 Kingdom, The [TV] 1994 von Trier, Lars
1749 Cross of Iron 1977 Peckinpah, Sam
1750 Coeur fidèle 1923 Epstein, Jean

1751 Isn’t Life Wonderful 1924 Griffith, D.W.
1752 Perfumed Nightmare 1977 Tahimik, Kidlat
1753 King of the Children 1987 Chen Kaige
1754 Serpico 1973 Lumet, Sidney
1755 Wild River 1960 Kazan, Elia
1756 Lady with the Dog, The 1959 Kheifits, Iosif
1757 Promesse, La 1996 Dardenne, Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne
1758 Ghost World 2001 Zwigoff, Terry
1759 Rebels of the Neon God 1992 Tsai Ming-liang
1760 Thunderbolt and Lightfoot 1974 Cimino, Michael
1761 Hapax Legomena I: (nostalgia) 1971 Frampton, Hollis
1762 Comrades: Almost a Love Story 1996 Chan, Peter
1763 Why Has Bohdi-Dharma Left for the East? 1989 Bae Yong-Kyun
1764 Where Eagles Dare 1968 Hutton, Brian G.
1765 Deewaar 1975 Chopra, Yash
1766 Night of the Shooting Stars, The 1982 Taviani, Paolo & Vittorio Taviani
1767 Cyclo 1995 Tran Anh Hung
1768 Sylvia Scarlett 1935 Cukor, George
1769 Public Enemy, The 1931 Wellman, William
1770 Extraordinary Stories 2008 Llinás, Mariano
1771 Black Swan 2010 Aronofsky, Darren
1772 Pee-wee’s Big Adventure 1985 Burton, Tim
1773 Morte rouge, La 2006 Erice, Victor
1774 Diary of a Lost Girl 1929 Pabst, G.W.
1775 My Way Home 1978 Douglas, Bill
1776 Szerelem 1971 Makk, Károly
1777 Big 1988 Marshall, Penny
1778 Gran Torino 2008 Eastwood, Clint
1779 Special Day, A 1977 Scola, Ettore
1780 Film socialisme 2010 Godard, Jean-Luc
1781 Color Purple, The 1985 Spielberg, Steven
1782 Metropolitan 1990 Stillman, Whit
1783 Student Prince in Old Heidelberg, The 1927 Lubitsch, Ernst
1784 Perfect World, A 1993 Eastwood, Clint
1785 Last Metro, The 1980 Truffaut, François
1786 Goonies, The 1985 Donner, Richard
1787 Play it Again, Sam 1972 Ross, Herbert
1788 Manhunter 1986 Mann, Michael
1789 Gunga Din 1939 Stevens, George
1790 Looking for Langston 1988 Julien, Isaac
1791 Old Joy 2006 Reichardt, Kelly
1792 21 Grams 2003 González Iñárritu, Alejandro
1793 Battle in Heaven 2005 Reygadas, Carlos
1794 Ordinary People 1980 Redford, Robert
1795 Waiting for Guffman 1997 Guest, Christopher
1796 Ox-Bow Incident, The 1943 Wellman, William
1797 Medium Cool 1969 Wexler, Haskell
1798 Star Spangled to Death 2004 Jacobs, Ken
1799 River Called Titas, A 1973 Ghatak, Ritwik
1800 Billy Liar 1963 Schlesinger, John

1801 Body Double 1984 De Palma, Brian
1802 Gremlins 1984 Dante, Joe
1803 Stars in My Crown 1950 Tourneur, Jacques
1804 Escape from New York 1981 Carpenter, John
1805 Wrestler, The 2008 Aronofsky, Darren
1806 Camion, Le 1977 Duras, Marguerite
1807 Artists Under the Big Top: Perplexed 1968 Kluge, Alexander
1808 Tingler, The 1959 Castle, William
1809 Ici et ailleurs 1976 Godard, Jean-Luc/Anne-Marie Miéville/Jean-Pierre Gorin
1810 Before the Revolution 1964 Bertolucci, Bernardo
1811 Seven Men from Now 1956 Boetticher, Budd
1812 Vera Cruz 1954 Aldrich, Robert
1813 Once Upon a Time There Was a Singing Blackbird 1970 Iosseliani, Otar
1814 Espoir, L’ 1945 Malraux, André & Boris Peskine
1815 Funeral Parade of Roses 1969 Matsumoto, Toshio
1816 Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters 1985 Schrader, Paul
1817 Caza, La 1965 Saura, Carlos
1818 In Girum imus nocte et consumimur igni 1978 Debord, Guy
1819 Judex [1963] 1963 Franju, Georges
1820 Heartbreak Kid, The 1972 May, Elaine
1821 And the Ship Sails On 1983 Fellini, Federico
1822 Canyon Passage 1946 Tourneur, Jacques
1823 Home from the Hill 1960 Minnelli, Vincente
1824 Human Condition I, The 1959 Kobayashi, Masaki
1825 Unfaithfully Yours [1948] 1948 Sturges, Preston
1826 Lovers, The [1958] 1958 Malle, Louis
1827 Daisy Kenyon 1947 Preminger, Otto
1828 Solaris [2002] 2002 Soderbergh, Steven
1829 Unfinished Piece for the Player Piano 1977 Mikhalkov, Nikita
1830 I Am Curious (Yellow) 1967 Sjöman, Vilgot
1831 Three Crowns of the Sailor 1982 Ruiz, Raúl
1832 Quai des Orfèvres 1947 Clouzot, Henri-Georges
1833 Magician, The 1958 Bergman, Ingmar
1834 World According to Garp, The 1982 Hill, George Roy
1835 Merry Widow, The [1934] 1934 Lubitsch, Ernst
1836 Yaaba 1989 Ouedraogo, Idrissa
1837 Tokyo Drifter 1966 Suzuki, Seijun
1838 Anna [1975] 1975 Grifi, Alberto & Massimo Sarchielli
1839 White Dog 1982 Fuller, Samuel
1840 Grande bouffe, La 1973 Ferreri, Marco
1841 Maborosi 1995 Koreeda, Hirokazu
1842 Merry Widow, The [1925] 1925 von Stroheim, Erich
1843 Lumumba 2000 Peck, Raoul
1844 Way Things Go, The 1987 Fischli, Peter & David Weiss
1845 Francisca 1981 Oliveira, Manoel de
1846 Under the Skin [1997] 1997 Adler, Carine
1847 Blind Chance 1981 Kieslowski, Krzysztof
1848 Devil in the Flesh [1947] 1947 Autant-Lara, Claude
1849 Tire die 1960 Birri, Fernando
1850 Pont du Nord, Le 1981 Rivette, Jacques

1851 Man Who Laughs, The 1928 Leni, Paul
1852 Batman [1989] 1989 Burton, Tim
1853 Death by Hanging 1968 Oshima, Nagisa
1854 Sons of the Desert 1933 Seiter, William A.
1855 3:10 to Yuma [1957] 1957 Daves, Delmer
1856 Stella Dallas [1937] 1937 Vidor, King
1857 Angels with Dirty Faces 1938 Curtiz, Michael
1858 Train of Shadows 1997 Guerín, José Luis
1859 Statues Also Die 1953 Resnais, Alain & Chris Marker
1860 Ah Ying 1983 Fong, Allen
1861 Two Rode Together 1961 Ford, John
1862 Canibais, Os 1988 Oliveira, Manoel de
1863 Melancholia [2008] 2008 Diaz, Lav
1864 Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story 1988 Haynes, Todd
1865 Siberiade 1979 Konchalovsky, Andrei
1866 Going Places 1974 Blier, Bertrand
1867 They Died with Their Boots On 1941 Walsh, Raoul
1868 Field of Dreams 1989 Robinson, Phil Alden
1869 English Patient, The 1996 Minghella, Anthony
1870 Raven’s End 1963 Widerberg, Bo
1871 House on Trubnaya Square, The 1928 Barnet, Boris
1872 Meantime [TV] 1983 Leigh, Mike
1873 Pelican, The 1973 Blain, Gerard
1874 Departures 2008 Takita, Yojiro
1875 City of Lost Children, The 1995 Jeunet, Jean-Pierre/Marc Caro
1876 Vanya on 42nd Street 1994 Malle, Louis
1877 Puissance de la parole 1988 Godard, Jean-Luc
1878 Fast, Cheap & Out of Control 1997 Morris, Errol
1879 When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts [TV] 2006 Lee, Spike
1880 Blonde Venus 1932 von Sternberg, Josef
1881 Black Hawk Down 2001 Scott, Ridley
1882 Sir Arne’s Treasure 1919 Stiller, Mauritz
1883 Chloe in the Afternoon 1972 Rohmer, Eric
1884 Planes, Trains & Automobiles 1987 Hughes, John
1885 Gaslight [1944] 1944 Cukor, George
1886 Patton 1970 Schaffner, Franklin J.
1887 Ballad of a Soldier 1959 Chukhraj, Grigori
1888 3-Iron 2004 Kim Ki-duk
1889 Great Train Robbery, The 1903 Porter, Edwin S.
1890 Italian Straw Hat, The 1927 Clair, René
1891 Postino, Il 1994 Radford, Michael
1892 Handsworth Songs 1986 Akomfrah, John
1893 Fingers 1978 Toback, James
1894 Night and Fog in Japan 1960 Oshima, Nagisa
1895 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde [1931] 1931 Mamoulian, Rouben
1896 Shooting, The 1966 Hellman, Monte
1897 Truth About Bebe Donge, The 1952 Decoin, Henri
1898 Jeremiah Johnson 1972 Pollack, Sydney
1899 Driver, The 1978 Hill, Walter
1900 Blight 1996 Smith, John

1901 Bandits of Orgosolo 1960 De Seta, Vittorio
1902 Signs of Life 1968 Herzog, Werner
1903 Face/Off 1997 Woo, John
1904 Hour-Glass Sanatorium, The 1973 Has, Wojciech
1905 Four Friends 1981 Penn, Arthur
1906 Tombstone 1993 Cosmatos, George P.
1907 Amar Akbar Anthony 1977 Desai, Manmohan
1908 You Can’t Take it with You 1938 Capra, Frank
1909 Bound 1996 Wachowski, Lana & Lilly Wachowski
1910 Fists in the Pocket 1965 Bellocchio, Marco
1911 Women in Love 1969 Russell, Ken
1912 Perceval 1978 Rohmer, Eric
1913 Big Country, The 1958 Wyler, William
1914 Hidden Fortress, The 1958 Kurosawa, Akira
1915 Falls, The [1980] 1980 Greenaway, Peter
1916 Jerry Maguire 1996 Crowe, Cameron
1917 Chronicle of a Disappearance 1996 Suleiman, Elia
1918 Eight Deadly Shots [TV] 1972 Niskanen, Mikko
1919 Outcast of the Islands 1951 Reed, Carol
1920 Camera Buff 1979 Kieslowski, Krzysztof
1921 Profound Desires of the Gods 1968 Imamura, Shohei
1922 Hair 1979 Forman, Milos
1923 Hope and Glory 1987 Boorman, John
1924 Peppermint Candy 1999 Lee Chang-dong
1925 Indian Summer 1972 Zurlini, Valerio
1926 Free Radicals 1958 Lye, Len
1927 Our Daily Bread [2005] 2005 Geyrhalter, Nikolaus
1928 Sugar Cane Alley 1983 Palcy, Euzhan
1929 Jacob’s Ladder 1990 Lyne, Adrian
1930 Bend of the River 1952 Mann, Anthony
1931 Glengarry Glen Ross 1992 Foley, James
1932 Stalag 17 1953 Wilder, Billy
1933 Foreign Correspondent 1940 Hitchcock, Alfred
1934 Poseidon Adventure, The 1972 Neame, Ronald
1935 Hold Me While I’m Naked 1966 Kuchar, George
1936 Édouard et Caroline 1951 Becker, Jacques
1937 Vanishing Point 1971 Sarafian, Richard C.
1938 Taste of Others, The 2000 Jaoui, Agnès
1939 Graveyard of Honour [1975] 1975 Fukasaku, Kinji
1940 Fearless [1993] 1993 Weir, Peter
1941 Charade 1963 Donen, Stanley
1942 Days of Eclipse 1988 Sokurov, Aleksandr
1943 Modern Life 2008 Depardon, Raymond
1944 Falbalas 1945 Becker, Jacques
1945 Vie de Jésus, La 1997 Dumont, Bruno
1946 Great War, The/La Grande guerra 1959 Monicelli, Mario
1947 Matewan 1987 Sayles, John
1948 Man and a Woman, A 1966 Lelouch, Claude
1949 New Rose Hotel 1998 Ferrara, Abel
1950 Wire, The [TV] 2002-2008 Various Directors

1951 Drifting Clouds 1996 Kaurismäki, Aki
1952 Phantom Lady 1944 Siodmak, Robert
1953 Dependent, The 1969 Favio, Leonardo
1954 True Stories 1986 Byrne, David
1955 Immortal Story, The 1968 Welles, Orson
1956 King of New York 1990 Ferrara, Abel
1957 Unbreakable 2000 Shyamalan, M. Night
1958 Music Box, The 1932 Parrott, James
1959 Bad Day at Black Rock 1955 Sturges, John
1960 Pale Rider 1985 Eastwood, Clint
1961 Babette’s Feast 1987 Axel, Gabriel
1962 Scaramouche [1952] 1952 Sidney, George
1963 Marseillaise, La 1938 Renoir, Jean
1964 Osaka Elegy 1936 Mizoguchi, Kenji
1965 General Della Rovere 1959 Rossellini, Roberto
1966 Captive, La 2000 Akerman, Chantal
1967 Total Recall 1990 Verhoeven, Paul
1968 Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, The 2005 Jones, Tommy Lee
1969 Whispering Pages 1993 Sokurov, Aleksandr
1970 Eat Drink Man Woman 1994 Lee, Ang
1971 Lola [1981] 1981 Fassbinder, Rainer Werner
1972 Salt of the Earth 1953 Biberman, Herbert J.
1973 Kameradschaft 1931 Pabst, G.W.
1974 Orchestra Rehearsal 1979 Fellini, Federico
1975 Cremator, The 1968 Herz, Juraj
1976 King Lear [1971] 1971 Brook, Peter
1977 General Line, The 1929 Eisenstein, Sergei & Grigori Aleksandrov
1978 Fountain, The 2006 Aronofsky, Darren
1979 Marriage Circle, The 1924 Lubitsch, Ernst
1980 Lamerica 1994 Amelio, Gianni
1981 Notre musique 2004 Godard, Jean-Luc
1982 Damnation 1988 Tarr, Béla
1983 Tia Tula, La 1964 Picazo, Miguel
1984 Shaft 1971 Parks, Gordon
1985 Nibelungen: Kriemhild’s Revenge, Die 1924 Lang, Fritz
1986 Vie de Bohème, La 1992 Kaurismäki, Aki
1987 Serras da desordem 2006 Tonacci, Andrea
1988 Carmen Jones 1954 Preminger, Otto
1989 Bad Education 2004 Almodóvar, Pedro
1990 Anticipation of the Night 1958 Brakhage, Stan
1991 Do Bigha Zamin 1953 Roy, Bimal
1992 Time Bandits 1981 Gilliam, Terry
1993 Text of Light, The 1974 Brakhage, Stan
1994 Camille 1936 Cukor, George
1995 Yesterday Girl 1966 Kluge, Alexander
1996 Strawberry and Chocolate 1993 Gutiérrez Alea, Tomás
1997 Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion 1970 Petri, Elio
1998 Repentance 1984 Abuladze, Tengiz
1999 Something Wild [1986] 1986 Demme, Jonathan
2000 One-Sixth of the World 1926 Vertov, Dziga

TheyShootPicturesDon’ – The 1,000 Greatest Films (2019)

The list of the 1,000 Greatest Films of all-time (2019 revision) was published on the 21st of January 2019 and was primarily compiled from 6,344 individual critics’ and filmmakers’ personal lists/ballots of their favourite/best films. View the films ranked 1001-2000.

1 Citizen Kane 1941 Welles, Orson
2 Vertigo 1958 Hitchcock, Alfred
3 2001: A Space Odyssey 1968 Kubrick, Stanley
4 Rules of the Game, The 1939 Renoir, Jean
5 Tokyo Story 1953 Ozu, Yasujiro
6 1963 Fellini, Federico
7 Godfather, The 1972 Coppola, Francis Ford
8 Sunrise 1927 Murnau, F.W.
9 Searchers, The 1956 Ford, John
10 Seven Samurai 1954 Kurosawa, Akira
11 Apocalypse Now 1979 Coppola, Francis Ford
12 Singin’ in the Rain 1952 Donen, Stanley/Gene Kelly
13 Bicycle Thieves 1948 De Sica, Vittorio
14 Battleship Potemkin 1925 Eisenstein, Sergei
15 Taxi Driver 1976 Scorsese, Martin
16 Breathless 1960 Godard, Jean-Luc
17 Passion of Joan of Arc, The 1928 Dreyer, Carl Theodor
18 L’Atalante 1934 Vigo, Jean
19 Persona 1966 Bergman, Ingmar
20 Rashomon 1950 Kurosawa, Akira
21 Man with a Movie Camera, The 1929 Vertov, Dziga
22 Godfather Part II, The 1974 Coppola, Francis Ford
23 400 Blows, The 1959 Truffaut, François
24 Raging Bull 1980 Scorsese, Martin
25 Psycho 1960 Hitchcock, Alfred
26 City Lights 1931 Chaplin, Charles
27 Andrei Rublev 1966 Tarkovsky, Andrei
28 Some Like It Hot 1959 Wilder, Billy
29 La dolce vita 1960 Fellini, Federico
30 Mirror, The 1975 Tarkovsky, Andrei
31 Touch of Evil 1958 Welles, Orson
32 Au Hasard Balthazar 1966 Bresson, Robert
33 Ordet 1955 Dreyer, Carl Theodor
34 Sunset Blvd. 1950 Wilder, Billy
35 Casablanca 1942 Curtiz, Michael
36 Lawrence of Arabia 1962 Lean, David
37 Avventura, L’ 1960 Antonioni, Michelangelo
38 Blade Runner 1982 Scott, Ridley
39 Contempt 1963 Godard, Jean-Luc
40 General, The 1926 Keaton, Buster/Clyde Bruckman
41 Rear Window 1954 Hitchcock, Alfred
42 Grande illusion, La 1937 Renoir, Jean
43 Night of the Hunter, The 1955 Laughton, Charles
44 In the Mood for Love 2000 Wong Kar-wai
45 Modern Times 1936 Chaplin, Charles
46 Playtime 1967 Tati, Jacques
47 Ugetsu monogatari 1953 Mizoguchi, Kenji
48 Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb 1964 Kubrick, Stanley
49 Third Man, The 1949 Reed, Carol
50 Chinatown 1974 Polanski, Roman

51 Fanny and Alexander 1982 Bergman, Ingmar
52 Stalker 1979 Tarkovsky, Andrei
53 Barry Lyndon 1975 Kubrick, Stanley
54 Apartment, The 1960 Wilder, Billy
55 Pather Panchali 1955 Ray, Satyajit
56 M 1931 Lang, Fritz
57 Rio Bravo 1959 Hawks, Howard
58 Wild Strawberries 1957 Bergman, Ingmar
59 Metropolis 1927 Lang, Fritz
60 Mulholland Dr. 2001 Lynch, David
61 North by Northwest 1959 Hitchcock, Alfred
62 Enfants du paradis, Les 1945 Carné, Marcel
63 Pierrot le fou 1965 Godard, Jean-Luc
64 Viridiana 1961 Buñuel, Luis
65 Once Upon a Time in the West 1968 Leone, Sergio
66 Wild Bunch, The 1969 Peckinpah, Sam
67 Strada, La 1954 Fellini, Federico
68 Battle of Algiers, The 1966 Pontecorvo, Gillo
69 Shoah 1985 Lanzmann, Claude
70 Amarcord 1973 Fellini, Federico
71 Gold Rush, The 1925 Chaplin, Charles
72 Seventh Seal, The 1957 Bergman, Ingmar
73 Voyage in Italy 1953 Rossellini, Roberto
74 Leopard, The 1963 Visconti, Luchino
75 Late Spring 1949 Ozu, Yasujiro
76 Pulp Fiction 1994 Tarantino, Quentin
77 GoodFellas 1990 Scorsese, Martin
78 Magnificent Ambersons, The 1942 Welles, Orson
79 Clockwork Orange, A 1971 Kubrick, Stanley
80 It’s a Wonderful Life 1946 Capra, Frank
81 Pickpocket 1959 Bresson, Robert
82 Blue Velvet 1986 Lynch, David
83 Conformist, The 1970 Bertolucci, Bernardo
84 Jules et Jim 1962 Truffaut, François
85 Nashville 1975 Altman, Robert
86 Close-Up 1990 Kiarostami, Abbas
87 Gertrud 1964 Dreyer, Carl Theodor
88 Man Escaped, A 1956 Bresson, Robert
89 Annie Hall 1977 Allen, Woody
90 Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The 1962 Ford, John
91 Jaws 1975 Spielberg, Steven
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93 Greed 1924 von Stroheim, Erich
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95 Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles 1975 Akerman, Chantal
96 Shining, The 1980 Kubrick, Stanley
97 Woman Under the Influence, A 1974 Cassavetes, John
98 Aguirre: The Wrath of God 1972 Herzog, Werner
99 Blowup 1966 Antonioni, Michelangelo
100 Sans soleil 1983 Marker, Chris

101 Once Upon a Time in America 1984 Leone, Sergio
102 To Be or Not to Be 1942 Lubitsch, Ernst
103 Sátántangó 1994 Tarr, Béla
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105 Wizard of Oz, The 1939 Fleming, Victor
106 Eclisse, L’ 1962 Antonioni, Michelangelo
107 Hiroshima mon amour 1959 Resnais, Alain
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109 Gone with the Wind 1939 Fleming, Victor
110 Jetée, La 1962 Marker, Chris
111 Manhattan 1979 Allen, Woody
112 Ikiru 1952 Kurosawa, Akira
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114 One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest 1975 Forman, Milos
115 Star Wars 1977 Lucas, George
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117 Madame de… 1953 Ophüls, Max
118 Sherlock Jr. 1924 Keaton, Buster
119 E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial 1982 Spielberg, Steven
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121 My Darling Clementine 1946 Ford, John
122 Letter from an Unknown Woman 1948 Ophüls, Max
123 Brighter Summer Day, A 1991 Yang, Edward
124 Rome, Open City 1945 Rossellini, Roberto
125 Partie de campagne 1936 Renoir, Jean
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127 Yi yi 2000 Yang, Edward
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130 Don’t Look Now 1973 Roeg, Nicolas
131 Vivre sa vie 1962 Godard, Jean-Luc
132 Badlands 1973 Malick, Terrence
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134 Notorious 1946 Hitchcock, Alfred
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140 Rosemary’s Baby 1968 Polanski, Roman
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146 Exterminating Angel, The 1962 Buñuel, Luis
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148 His Girl Friday 1940 Hawks, Howard
149 Days of Heaven 1978 Malick, Terrence
150 Double Indemnity 1944 Wilder, Billy

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152 Trouble in Paradise 1932 Lubitsch, Ernst
153 On the Waterfront 1954 Kazan, Elia
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155 Histoire(s) du cinéma 1998 Godard, Jean-Luc
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159 Chimes at Midnight 1965 Welles, Orson
160 Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, The 1972 Buñuel, Luis
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162 Deer Hunter, The 1978 Cimino, Michael
163 Argent, L’ 1983 Bresson, Robert
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165 River, The 1951 Renoir, Jean
166 Black Narcissus 1947 Powell, Michael/Emeric Pressburger
167 Earth 1930 Dovzhenko, Alexander
168 Mouchette 1967 Bresson, Robert
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171 Imitation of Life 1959 Sirk, Douglas
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174 Grapes of Wrath, The 1940 Ford, John
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179 There Will Be Blood 2007 Anderson, Paul Thomas
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200 Piano, The 1993 Campion, Jane

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212 Thin Red Line, The 1998 Malick, Terrence
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215 Wings of Desire 1987 Wenders, Wim
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219 Big Lebowski, The 1998 Coen, Joel & Ethan Coen
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222 Schindler’s List 1993 Spielberg, Steven
223 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 2004 Gondry, Michel
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236 Unforgiven 1992 Eastwood, Clint
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240 Groundhog Day 1993 Ramis, Harold
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269 Three Colours: Blue 1993 Kieslowski, Krzysztof
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273 Distant Voices, Still Lives 1988 Davies, Terence
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276 Crimes and Misdemeanors 1989 Allen, Woody
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300 Puppetmaster, The 1993 Hou Hsiao-hsien

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335 I Was Born, But… 1932 Ozu, Yasujiro
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339 Written on the Wind 1956 Sirk, Douglas
340 El 1953 Buñuel, Luis
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387 Last Tango in Paris 1972 Bertolucci, Bernardo
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399 Yojimbo 1961 Kurosawa, Akira
400 Tristana 1970 Buñuel, Luis

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402 Army of Shadows 1969 Melville, Jean-Pierre
403 I Know Where I’m Going! 1945 Powell, Michael/Emeric Pressburger
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424 Long Goodbye, The 1973 Altman, Robert
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516 Songs from the Second Floor 2000 Andersson, Roy
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521 Being There 1979 Ashby, Hal
522 A.I. Artificial Intelligence 2001 Spielberg, Steven
523 Melancholia 2011 von Trier, Lars
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541 Pan’s Labyrinth 2006 del Toro, Guillermo
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546 Bigger Than Life 1956 Ray, Nicholas
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549 No Country for Old Men 2007 Coen, Joel & Ethan Coen
550 Silence, The 1963 Bergman, Ingmar

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553 That Obscure Object of Desire 1977 Buñuel, Luis
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555 Hana-Bi 1997 Kitano, Takeshi
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561 And Life Goes On… 1992 Kiarostami, Abbas
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563 French Connection, The 1971 Friedkin, William
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566 Asphalt Jungle, The 1950 Huston, John
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568 Rushmore 1998 Anderson, Wes
569 Local Hero 1983 Forsyth, Bill
570 Trainspotting 1996 Boyle, Danny
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574 Testament of Dr. Mabuse, The 1933 Lang, Fritz
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576 Splendor in the Grass 1961 Kazan, Elia
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580 Silent Light 2007 Reygadas, Carlos
581 Scarface 1983 De Palma, Brian
582 Amants du Pont-Neuf, Les 1991 Carax, Leos
583 Killing, The 1956 Kubrick, Stanley
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588 Secrets & Lies 1996 Leigh, Mike
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591 Salesman 1969 Maysles, Albert/David Maysles/Charlotte Zwerin
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594 Ben-Hur 1959 Wyler, William
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597 Streetcar Named Desire, A 1951 Kazan, Elia
598 Dr. Mabuse, The Gambler 1922 Lang, Fritz
599 Young Frankenstein 1974 Brooks, Mel
600 Twenty Years Later 1984 Coutinho, Eduardo

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602 Scarface 1932 Hawks, Howard
603 I Walked with a Zombie 1943 Tourneur, Jacques
604 Seven Chances 1925 Keaton, Buster
605 Memento 2000 Nolan, Christopher
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607 Children of Men 2006 Cuarón, Alfonso
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609 Before Sunset 2004 Linklater, Richard
610 Terminator 2: Judgment Day 1991 Cameron, James
611 Dark Knight, The 2008 Nolan, Christopher
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613 Fly, The 1986 Cronenberg, David
614 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days 2007 Mungiu, Cristian
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616 Bambi 1942 Hand, David
617 Antonio das Mortes 1969 Rocha, Glauber
618 Lady Vanishes, The 1938 Hitchcock, Alfred
619 39 Steps, The 1935 Hitchcock, Alfred
620 Round-Up, The 1966 Jancsó, Miklós
621 Possession 1981 Zulawski, Andrzej
622 Place in the Sun, A 1951 Stevens, George
623 Manchurian Candidate, The 1962 Frankenheimer, John
624 Belle noiseuse, La 1991 Rivette, Jacques
625 Xala 1975 Sembene, Ousmane
626 Marriage of Maria Braun, The 1979 Fassbinder, Rainer Werner
627 Europa ’51 1952 Rossellini, Roberto
628 Goodbye, Dragon Inn 2003 Tsai Ming-liang
629 Young Mr. Lincoln 1939 Ford, John
630 Blissfully Yours 2002 Weerasethakul, Apichatpong
631 Walkabout 1971 Roeg, Nicolas
632 They Live by Night 1948 Ray, Nicholas
633 After Life 1998 Koreeda, Hirokazu
634 Diaboliques, Les 1955 Clouzot, Henri-Georges
635 African Queen, The 1951 Huston, John
636 Zodiac 2007 Fincher, David
637 Arrebato 1979 Zulueta, Iván
638 White Heat 1949 Walsh, Raoul
639 Fat City 1972 Huston, John
640 Raising Arizona 1987 Coen, Joel & Ethan Coen
641 Mother and Son 1997 Sokurov, Aleksandr
642 Dazed and Confused 1993 Linklater, Richard
643 Dancer in the Dark 2000 von Trier, Lars
644 Monty Python and the Holy Grail 1975 Gilliam, Terry/Terry Jones
645 Great Expectations 1946 Lean, David
646 Yeelen 1987 Cissé, Souleymane
647 Harakiri 1962 Kobayashi, Masaki
648 Distant 2002 Ceylan, Nuri Bilge
649 Foolish Wives 1922 von Stroheim, Erich
650 Purple Rose of Cairo, The 1985 Allen, Woody

651 Syndromes and a Century 2006 Weerasethakul, Apichatpong
652 Strike 1925 Eisenstein, Sergei
653 Titanic 1997 Cameron, James
654 Titicut Follies 1967 Wiseman, Frederick
655 By the Bluest of Seas 1936 Barnet, Boris
656 Gummo 1997 Korine, Harmony
657 Nouvelle vague 1990 Godard, Jean-Luc
658 Still Life 2006 Jia Zhangke
659 Chant d’amour, Un 1950 Genet, Jean
660 Breakfast at Tiffany’s 1961 Edwards, Blake
661 JFK 1991 Stone, Oliver
662 Y tu mamá también 2001 Cuarón, Alfonso
663 Age of Innocence, The 1993 Scorsese, Martin
664 Wicker Man, The 1973 Hardy, Robin
665 Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 1939 Capra, Frank
666 Edward Scissorhands 1990 Burton, Tim
667 Funny Games 1997 Haneke, Michael
668 Wild Child, The 1970 Truffaut, François
669 Requiem for a Dream 2000 Aronofsky, Darren
670 My Friend Ivan Lapshin 1985 German, Aleksey
671 Party, The 1968 Edwards, Blake
672 Vagabond 1985 Varda, Agnès
673 Spartacus 1960 Kubrick, Stanley
674 Sur, El 1983 Erice, Victor
675 Harlan County, U.S.A. 1976 Kopple, Barbara
676 Tiger of Eschnapur, The 1958 Lang, Fritz
677 Miller’s Crossing 1990 Coen, Joel & Ethan Coen
678 Synecdoche, New York 2008 Kaufman, Charlie
679 Lancelot du Lac 1974 Bresson, Robert
680 Dames du Bois de Boulogne, Les 1945 Bresson, Robert
681 Man Who Would Be King, The 1975 Huston, John
682 Virgin Spring, The 1959 Bergman, Ingmar
683 Bad and the Beautiful, The 1952 Minnelli, Vincente
684 Blow Out 1981 De Palma, Brian
685 Short Film About Killing, A 1987 Kieslowski, Krzysztof
686 When Harry Met Sally… 1989 Reiner, Rob
687 Claire’s Knee 1970 Rohmer, Eric
688 Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The 2001 Jackson, Peter
689 Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 1986 Hughes, John
690 Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1956 Siegel, Don
691 Great Escape, The 1963 Sturges, John
692 My Life as a Dog 1985 Hallström, Lasse
693 Navigator, The 1924 Keaton, Buster/Donald Crisp
694 Gun Crazy 1950 Lewis, Joseph H.
695 W.R.: Mysteries of the Organism 1971 Makavejev, Dusan
696 Casque d’or 1952 Becker, Jacques
697 Robocop 1987 Verhoeven, Paul
698 Son, The 2002 Dardenne, Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne
699 Nostalgia for the Light 2010 Guzmán, Patricio
700 Edvard Munch 1974 Watkins, Peter

701 Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach, The 1968 Straub, Jean-Marie
702 Audition 1999 Miike, Takashi
703 Grido, Il 1957 Antonioni, Michelangelo
704 Ghostbusters 1984 Reitman, Ivan
705 Dodes’ka-den 1970 Kurosawa, Akira
706 Thelma & Louise 1991 Scott, Ridley
707 Red Sorghum 1987 Zhang Yimou
708 Crash 1996 Cronenberg, David
709 Let the Right One In 2008 Alfredson, Tomas
710 Tin Drum, The 1979 Schlöndorff, Volker
711 Thief of Bagdad, The 1940 Powell, Michael/Ludwig Berger/Tim Whelan
712 Vive L’Amour 1994 Tsai Ming-liang
713 Woman Next Door, The 1981 Truffaut, François
714 Big Deal on Madonna Street 1958 Monicelli, Mario
715 Zelig 1983 Allen, Woody
716 Dirty Harry 1971 Siegel, Don
717 Piano Teacher, The 2001 Haneke, Michael
718 Airplane! 1980 Abrahams, Jim/David Zucker/Jerry Zucker
719 Angel at My Table, An 1990 Campion, Jane
720 Emperor’s Naked Army Marches On, The 1987 Hara, Kazuo
721 Lolita 1962 Kubrick, Stanley
722 Saving Private Ryan 1998 Spielberg, Steven
723 Amour 2012 Haneke, Michael
724 Rififi 1955 Dassin, Jules
725 Killer, The 1989 Woo, John
726 Moulin Rouge! 2001 Luhrmann, Baz
727 Last Detail, The 1973 Ashby, Hal
728 History of Violence, A 2005 Cronenberg, David
729 Flaming Creatures 1963 Smith, Jack
730 Seasons, The 1975 Peleshian, Artavazd
731 L.A. Confidential 1997 Hanson, Curtis
732 Princess Bride, The 1987 Reiner, Rob
733 Ciénaga, La 2001 Martel, Lucrecia
734 Fellini’s Roma 1972 Fellini, Federico
735 Ascent, The 1976 Shepitko, Larisa
736 Smiles of a Summer Night 1955 Bergman, Ingmar
737 Avatar 2009 Cameron, James
738 Lusty Men, The 1952 Ray, Nicholas
739 Golden Coach, The 1952 Renoir, Jean
740 Fort Apache 1948 Ford, John
741 Circus, The 1928 Chaplin, Charles
742 All Quiet on the Western Front 1930 Milestone, Lewis
743 Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! 1965 Meyer, Russ
744 Port of Shadows 1938 Carné, Marcel
745 Idiots, The 1998 von Trier, Lars
746 Crumb 1994 Zwigoff, Terry
747 Trial, The 1962 Welles, Orson
748 Vengeance is Mine 1979 Imamura, Shohei
749 Red Balloon, The 1956 Lamorisse, Albert
750 Abraham’s Valley 1993 Oliveira, Manoel de

751 Saturday Night and Sunday Morning 1960 Reisz, Karel
752 Host, The 2006 Bong Joon-ho
753 Ace in the Hole 1951 Wilder, Billy
754 Z 1969 Costa-Gavras, Constantin
755 Ossessione 1943 Visconti, Luchino
756 Donnie Darko 2001 Kelly, Richard
757 Code Unknown 2000 Haneke, Michael
758 Kaagaz Ke Phool 1959 Dutt, Guru
759 Black Girl 1966 Sembene, Ousmane
760 Sauve qui peut (la vie) 1980 Godard, Jean-Luc
761 Headless Woman, The 2008 Martel, Lucrecia
762 Hitler: A Film from Germany 1977 Syberberg, Hans-Jürgen
763 Irréversible 2002 Noé, Gaspar
764 Moonfleet 1955 Lang, Fritz
765 Veronika Voss 1982 Fassbinder, Rainer Werner
766 Jurassic Park 1993 Spielberg, Steven
767 Wild at Heart 1990 Lynch, David
768 Starship Troopers 1997 Verhoeven, Paul
769 Maîtres fous, Les 1955 Rouch, Jean
770 Hawks and the Sparrows, The 1966 Pasolini, Pier Paolo
771 Cool Hand Luke 1967 Rosenberg, Stuart
772 Holy Mountain, The 1973 Jodorowsky, Alejandro
773 New York, New York 1977 Scorsese, Martin
774 Breakfast Club, The 1985 Hughes, John
775 Age of the Earth, The 1980 Rocha, Glauber
776 Branded to Kill 1967 Suzuki, Seijun
777 Miracle of Morgan’s Creek, The 1944 Sturges, Preston
778 Forbidden Games 1952 Clément, René
779 Seven Women 1966 Ford, John
780 Street of Shame 1956 Mizoguchi, Kenji
781 Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? 1966 Nichols, Mike
782 American in Paris, An 1951 Minnelli, Vincente
783 Long Day Closes, The 1992 Davies, Terence
784 Blues Brothers, The 1980 Landis, John
785 Pickup on South Street 1953 Fuller, Samuel
786 Assault on Precinct 13 1976 Carpenter, John
787 It’s a Gift 1934 McLeod, Norman Z.
788 Time of the Gypsies 1989 Kusturica, Emir
789 Numéro deux 1975 Godard, Jean-Luc
790 Right Stuff, The 1983 Kaufman, Philip
791 Deep End 1970 Skolimowski, Jerzy
792 Dumbo 1941 Sharpsteen, Ben
793 Memories of Murder 2003 Bong Joon-ho
794 We All Loved Each Other So Much 1974 Scola, Ettore
795 Street Angel 1937 Yuan Muzhi
796 Woman of Paris, A 1923 Chaplin, Charles
797 Hunger 2008 McQueen, Steve
798 Blood Simple 1984 Coen, Joel & Ethan Coen
799 Bandido da Luz Vermelha, O 1968 Sganzerla, Rogério
800 Roman Holiday 1953 Wyler, William

801 Once Upon a Time in Anatolia 2011 Ceylan, Nuri Bilge
802 Morocco 1930 von Sternberg, Josef
803 Sang des bêtes, Le 1949 Franju, Georges
804 Burnt by the Sun 1994 Mikhalkov, Nikita
805 Sawdust and Tinsel 1953 Bergman, Ingmar
806 Ladykillers, The 1955 Mackendrick, Alexander
807 New World, The 2005 Malick, Terrence
808 American Beauty 1999 Mendes, Sam
809 Van Gogh 1991 Pialat, Maurice
810 Mother India 1957 Khan, Mehboob
811 Misfits, The 1961 Huston, John
812 Sweet Hereafter, The 1997 Egoyan, Atom
813 Last Emperor, The 1987 Bertolucci, Bernardo
814 She Wore a Yellow Ribbon 1949 Ford, John
815 Producers, The 1968 Brooks, Mel
816 Seventh Heaven 1927 Borzage, Frank
817 Princess Mononoke 1997 Miyazaki, Hayao
818 Million Dollar Baby 2004 Eastwood, Clint
819 Naked Island, The 1960 Shindo, Kaneto
820 Dog Star Man 1964 Brakhage, Stan
821 Firemen’s Ball, The 1967 Forman, Milos
822 Akira 1988 Otomo, Katsuhiro
823 Diaries, Notes and Sketches 1969 Mekas, Jonas
824 Taipei Story 1985 Yang, Edward
825 Fata Morgana 1971 Herzog, Werner
826 Last Temptation of Christ, The 1988 Scorsese, Martin
827 Blue 1993 Jarman, Derek
828 Spione 1928 Lang, Fritz
829 Bête humaine, La 1938 Renoir, Jean
830 Central Station 1998 Salles, Walter
831 Olympia 1938 Riefenstahl, Leni
832 Rope 1948 Hitchcock, Alfred
833 Pink Flamingos 1972 Waters, John
834 As I Was Moving Ahead Occasionally I Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty 2000 Mekas, Jonas
835 D’Est 1993 Akerman, Chantal
836 Grave of the Fireflies 1988 Takahata, Isao
837 Dust in the Wind 1987 Hou Hsiao-hsien
838 Million, Le 1931 Clair, René
839 Outskirts 1933 Barnet, Boris
840 They Were Expendable 1945 Ford, John
841 Day the Earth Stood Still, The 1951 Wise, Robert
842 Two English Girls 1971 Truffaut, François
843 Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover, The 1989 Greenaway, Peter
844 42nd Street 1933 Bacon, Lloyd
845 Ghost and Mrs. Muir, The 1947 Mankiewicz, Joseph L.
846 American Graffiti 1973 Lucas, George
847 River, The 1997 Tsai Ming-liang
848 Anatomy of a Murder 1959 Preminger, Otto
849 Ludwig 1973 Visconti, Luchino
850 Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown 1988 Almodóvar, Pedro

851 Ladies Man, The 1961 Lewis, Jerry
852 Sicilia! 1999 Straub, Jean-Marie & Danièle Huillet
853 Au revoir les enfants 1987 Malle, Louis
854 My Little Loves 1974 Eustache, Jean
855 Boot, Das 1981 Petersen, Wolfgang
856 Outlaw Josey Wales, The 1976 Eastwood, Clint
857 Saturday Night Fever 1977 Badham, John
858 Intruder, The 2004 Denis, Claire
859 Nuit du carrefour, La 1932 Renoir, Jean
860 Jour se lève, Le 1939 Carné, Marcel
861 Enfance nue, L’ 1968 Pialat, Maurice
862 Return, The 2003 Zvyagintsev, Andrey
863 3 Women 1977 Altman, Robert
864 Adventures of Robin Hood, The 1938 Curtiz, Michael/William Keighley
865 Fires Were Started 1943 Jennings, Humphrey
866 Arabian Nights 1974 Pasolini, Pier Paolo
867 Incredible Shrinking Man, The 1957 Arnold, Jack
868 Léon 1994 Besson, Luc
869 Mary Poppins 1964 Stevenson, Robert
870 Night of the Demon 1957 Tourneur, Jacques
871 Knife in the Water 1962 Polanski, Roman
872 Forbidden Planet 1956 Wilcox, Fred M.
873 Chienne, La 1931 Renoir, Jean
874 Usual Suspects, The 1995 Singer, Bryan
875 2046 2004 Wong Kar-wai
876 Gregory’s Girl 1980 Forsyth, Bill
877 Posto, Il 1961 Olmi, Ermanno
878 O Lucky Man! 1973 Anderson, Lindsay
879 End of Summer, The 1961 Ozu, Yasujiro
880 Match Factory Girl, The 1990 Kaurismäki, Aki
881 Sun Shines Bright, The 1953 Ford, John
882 They Live 1988 Carpenter, John
883 Good Morning 1959 Ozu, Yasujiro
884 Moi, un Noir 1958 Rouch, Jean
885 Trou, Le 1960 Becker, Jacques
886 Reds 1981 Beatty, Warren
887 Last Bolshevik, The 1993 Marker, Chris
888 Topsy-Turvy 1999 Leigh, Mike
889 Black Orpheus 1959 Camus, Marcel
890 Juliet of the Spirits 1965 Fellini, Federico
891 M*A*S*H 1970 Altman, Robert
892 Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, The 2003 Jackson, Peter
893 Hôtel Terminus 1987 Ophüls, Marcel
894 Hart of London, The 1970 Chambers, Jack
895 47 Ronin, The 1941 Mizoguchi, Kenji
896 To Live 1994 Zhang Yimou
897 Man of the West 1958 Mann, Anthony
898 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 1953 Hawks, Howard
899 Enter the Dragon 1973 Clouse, Robert
900 Cría cuervos 1976 Saura, Carlos

901 Kwaidan 1964 Kobayashi, Masaki
902 Simon of the Desert 1965 Buñuel, Luis
903 Love and Death 1975 Allen, Woody
904 News from Home 1976 Akerman, Chantal
905 Excalibur 1981 Boorman, John
906 Stroszek 1977 Herzog, Werner
907 Mon oncle d’Amérique 1980 Resnais, Alain
908 Cul-de-sac 1966 Polanski, Roman
909 Not Reconciled 1965 Straub, Jean-Marie
910 Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz, The 1955 Buñuel, Luis
911 Fellini’s Casanova 1976 Fellini, Federico
912 Ed Wood 1994 Burton, Tim
913 Gilda 1946 Vidor, Charles
914 Chikamatsu monogatari 1954 Mizoguchi, Kenji
915 Cairo Station 1958 Chahine, Youssef
916 Bridges of Madison County, The 1995 Eastwood, Clint
917 Sholay 1975 Sippy, Ramesh
918 Zabriskie Point 1970 Antonioni, Michelangelo
919 Get Carter 1971 Hodges, Mike
920 Near Dark 1987 Bigelow, Kathryn
921 Anatahan 1953 von Sternberg, Josef
922 Before Sunrise 1995 Linklater, Richard
923 Othello 1952 Welles, Orson
924 Ballad of Narayama, The 1983 Imamura, Shohei
925 Bonheur, Le 1965 Varda, Agnès
926 Yol 1982 Gören, Serif & Yilmaz Güney
927 Mamma Roma 1962 Pasolini, Pier Paolo
928 Henry V 1944 Olivier, Laurence
929 Scarecrow 1973 Schatzberg, Jerry
930 Kill Bill Vol. 1 2003 Tarantino, Quentin
931 Odd Man Out 1947 Reed, Carol
932 On the Town 1949 Donen, Stanley/Gene Kelly
933 Mildred Pierce 1945 Curtiz, Michael
934 Subarnarekha 1965 Ghatak, Ritwik
935 Godfather Part III, The 1990 Coppola, Francis Ford
936 National Lampoon’s Animal House 1978 Landis, John
937 Malcolm X 1992 Lee, Spike
938 Strangers When We Meet 1960 Quine, Richard
939 Verdict, The 1982 Lumet, Sidney
940 Tale of the Wind, A 1988 Ivens, Joris
941 Ride the High Country 1962 Peckinpah, Sam
942 Pépé le Moko 1937 Duvivier, Julien
943 Reckless Moment, The 1949 Ophüls, Max
944 Berlin: Symphony of a Great City 1927 Ruttmann, Walter
945 Ten 2002 Kiarostami, Abbas
946 Stand by Me 1986 Reiner, Rob
947 El Dorado 1967 Hawks, Howard
948 Broadway Danny Rose 1984 Allen, Woody
949 Bob le flambeur 1955 Melville, Jean-Pierre
950 Louisiana Story 1948 Flaherty, Robert

951 Ten Commandments, The 1956 DeMille, Cecil B.
952 Phantom Carriage, The 1921 Sjöström, Victor
953 Finding Nemo 2003 Stanton, Andrew & Lee Unkrich
954 Red Beard 1965 Kurosawa, Akira
955 Second Breath 1966 Melville, Jean-Pierre
956 Topo, El 1970 Jodorowsky, Alejandro
957 Elevator to the Gallows 1958 Malle, Louis
958 Broadcast News 1987 Brooks, James L.
959 Man for All Seasons, A 1966 Zinnemann, Fred
960 Dracula 1958 Fisher, Terence
961 Floating Weeds 1959 Ozu, Yasujiro
962 Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, The 1962 Richardson, Tony
963 Midnight Run 1988 Brest, Martin
964 Holiday 1938 Cukor, George
965 Man Who Fell to Earth, The 1976 Roeg, Nicolas
966 Deep Red 1975 Argento, Dario
967 Duel in the Sun 1946 Vidor, King
968 Angel 1937 Lubitsch, Ernst
969 Elephant 1989 Clarke, Alan
970 Femme est une femme, Une 1961 Godard, Jean-Luc
971 Too Early, Too Late 1981 Straub, Jean-Marie & Danièle Huillet
972 Ice Storm, The 1997 Lee, Ang
973 Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams 1990 Kurosawa, Akira
974 Caro diario 1994 Moretti, Nanni
975 Exotica 1994 Egoyan, Atom
976 Humanity and Paper Balloons 1937 Yamanaka, Sadao
977 Outer Space 1999 Tscherkassky, Peter
978 Arrivée d’un train à la Ciotat, L’ 1895 Lumière, August & Louis Lumière
979 Unknown, The 1927 Browning, Tod
980 Straight Story, The 1999 Lynch, David
981 Häxan 1922 Christensen, Benjamin
982 Tarnished Angels, The 1957 Sirk, Douglas
983 Diary 1983 Perlov, David
984 Ceddo 1977 Sembene, Ousmane
985 From the Clouds to the Resistance 1979 Straub, Jean-Marie & Danièle Huillet
986 Mothlight 1963 Brakhage, Stan
987 Female Trouble 1974 Waters, John
988 Design for Living 1933 Lubitsch, Ernst
989 In Praise of Love 2001 Godard, Jean-Luc
990 Diary for Timothy, A 1945 Jennings, Humphrey
991 Lone Star 1996 Sayles, John
992 Beyond the Valley of the Dolls 1970 Meyer, Russ
993 À nous la liberté 1931 Clair, René
994 Nightmare Before Christmas, The 1993 Selick, Henry
995 Carnival of Souls 1962 Harvey, Herk
996 Oedipus Rex 1967 Pasolini, Pier Paolo
997 Hellzapoppin’ 1941 Potter, H.C.
998 Saragossa Manuscript, The 1965 Has, Wojciech
999 Shanghai Express 1932 von Sternberg, Josef
1000 Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me 1992 Lynch, David

The Pendragon Society’s 1000 Greatest Films (2019) 20-1


20. Taxi Driver (1976) Dir. Martin Scorsese, 113 mins.

Leading on from the critical acclaim of Mean Streets, Martin Scorsese continued further into the darker side of New York City with a film set soon after the Vietnam War. Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro) is a lonely and depressed young man and former Marine living in Manhattan who becomes a night time taxi driver in order to cope with his chronic insomnia. Bickle becomes attracted to a young woman (Cybill Shepherd), shows concern for a child prostitute (a disturbingly precocious turn from Jodie Foster), and becomes progressively more troubled over what he sees as the city’s filth and human scum. His compressed anger finally erupts into a rage focused simultaneously on Foster’s pimp and Shepherd’s boss, a political candidate. Brilliant and  controversially violent, the film features an alarming psychological atmosphere (enhanced by a jazzy and eerie music score by Bernard Hermann), a remarkable central performance from De Niro and established Scorsese as one of the great talents of the New Hollywood era. More…

19. Bicycle Thieves (1948) Dir. Vittorio De Sica, 93 mins.

One of the major achievements of neo-realism and the film that convinced Satyajit Ray to become a filmmaker, Bicycle Thieves sees De Sica using a non-professional cast to tell the story of a poor father searching post-World War II Rome for his stolen bicycle, without which he will lose the job which was to be the salvation of his young family. It touches broadly on Italy’s institutions and cultures but at its centre is always the grinding poverty of the family, exemplified in the relationship between the well meaning father and the young plucky son who helps him look for the bicycle. It’s the balance between the careful direction with its intricate mise-en-scene, the use of the inexperienced actors, and the input of writing collaborator Cesare Zavattini, who championed the poetics of everyday life and the normal man, that makes Bicycle Thieves the most well known and successful work of De Sica’s long and varied career. More…

18. There Will Blood (2007) Dir. Paul Thomas Anderson, 158 mins.

Inspired by Upton Sinclair’s novel ‘Oil!’ There Will Be Blood tells the story of a silver miner-turned-oilman, Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day-Lewis) on a ruthless quest for wealth during Southern California’s oil boom of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It’s a real work of art with Anderson managing to bring to life a lost era with a staggering aesthetic clarity. Day-Lewis’s relentlessly focused portrayal of the often unfathomable and greedy oil man saw him rightly awarded with a Best Actor Oscar. While the final scene and confrontation between Plainview and his nemesis Eli (Paul Dano) polarised critics, like it or loathe it, it provides one of most memorable moments of 21st century cinema. More…

17. Rashomon (1950) Dir. Akira Kurosawa, 88 mins.

Decisively breaking away from the Japanese studios ‘Hollywood’ narrative model, Rashomon is set in feudal Japan and depicts the rape of a woman and the apparent murder of her samurai husband, through the widely differing accounts of four witnesses. By presenting these conflicting views of the same event, the film explores the imperfections of humanity and was probably the first in Japanese cinema that featured such ambiguity, allowing the audience to make their own judgements rather than being provided with a single truth. The film is also notable for the emotive acting, Kurosawa’s mastery of mise-en-scene and the sentimental but compelling ending. Winner of the grand prize at Venice and best foreign film at the Academy awards, Rashomon helped propel Japanese film toward world recognition and is now widely regarded as one of the premiere works of art cinema. More…

16. Aguirre: The Wrath of God (1972) Dir. Werner Herzog, 93 mins.

One of the great haunting visions of world cinema and the first collaboration between Herzog and star Klaus Kinski, the story follows the mostly fictionalised travels of sixteenth century Spanish soldier Lope de Aguirre, who, in open and irrational defiance of nature and God, leads a group of conquistadors down the Orinoco and Amazon River in South America in search of the legendary city of gold, El Dorado. With its incongruous adherence to courtly grandeur in the midst of the jungle, the film is both a parody and criticism of colonialism. By means of extreme camera angles and long shots, Herzog visualises primordial nature as an antagonistic and terrifying force that dwarfs and eventually destroys the coloniser. The film is also notable for the infamous production incidents such as Herzog (who was unarmed at the time) threatening to shoot the unpredictable and difficult Kinski if he left the set. More…

15. Pulp Fiction (1994) Dir. Quentin Tarantino, 154 mins.

Directed in a highly stylised manner and drawing on a mixture of cinematic sources (such as American B pictures and the French New Wave), Pulp Fiction joins the intersecting storylines of Los Angeles mobsters, fringe players, small-time criminals and a mysterious briefcase. The film reinvigorated the career of John Travolta and features a brilliant ensemble cast, particularly Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis. Tarantino confidently deploys an ingenious structure, rapid fire rhetoric and graphic violence with a surprising playfullness and exceptional intelligence. More…

14. Andrei Rublev (1966) Dir. Andrei Tarkovsky, 205 mins.

Loosely based on the life of Andrei Rublev, the monk and great 15th century Russian icon painter, Tarkovsky’s historical epic concerns the relationship between man and God, man and nature, the artist and the people, the artist and the art form. It was banned by the authorities, largely because of its portrayal of the conflict between the artist and the political powered structure, and not released in the Soviet Union until 1971. Deeply moving and mysterious the film is rich in symbolism and full of remarkable imagery. More…

13. Vertigo (1958) Dir. Alfred Hitchcock, 129 mins.

Alfred Hitchcock was at the peak of his powers when he made Vertigo, a psychological thriller, based on the French novel D’entre les morts (From Among the Dead) by Pierre Boileau and Thomas Narcejac, that follows a retired police detective, Scottie Ferguson (James Stewart), who has acrophobia, and is hired as a private investigator to follow the wife of an acquaintance to uncover the mystery of her peculiar behaviour. Focusing on the romantic obsession that Scottie develops for the enigmatic woman (Kim Novak), Vertigo received mixed reviews upon release, particularly in Hitchcock’s native England, with some fans disappointed at the director departing from his earlier lighter romantic thrillers and a number of critics dismissing it as nothing more than a slowly paced murder mystery. However, it’s re-evaluation began in the following decade, when writers at the influential French magazine Cahiers du cinéma began to view Hitchcock as a serious cinematic artist rather than just a slick crowd pleaser and soon film scholars were singling the movie out as a work of hypnotic visual beauty and a profound meditation on love, loss and identity. Over sixty years on, Vertigo continues to fascinate and is now heralded, by many, as Hitchock’s most important contribution to cinema.  More…

12. The Conformist (1970) Dir. Bernardo Bertolucci, 107 mins.

Adapted from the novel by Alberto Moravia and set initially in 1930s Italy, Bertolucci’s poetic expressionist art film explores the bourgeois roots of fascism by following Marcello Clerici (Jean-Louis Trintignant), who is so eager to fit in and find normality, that he agrees to a traditional marriage (despite having little regard for his fiance) and joins the Fascist secret police, finding himself ordered to assassinate his old friend and teacher, Professor Quadri, an outspoken anti-Fascist intellectual now living in exile in France. Propelled to greatness by Trintignant’s superb and compelling performance, a clever narrative structure (with memorable flashback sequences) and the remarkable use of Fascist era art and decor, The Conformist is a masterpiece of stunning cinematography (featuring the brilliant use of lighting and warm colours from Vittorio Storaro and art director Ferdinando Scarfiotti) and relaxed rhythm interrupted by explosions of violent intensity. The film was also a huge influence on New Hollywood film makers such as Francis Ford Coppola. More…

11. The Rules of the Game (1939) Dir. Jean Renoir, 110 mins.

Ending a decade of great artistic achievement for French cinema, Renoir’s masterpiece marked a striking departure in filming technique, (particularly from Hollywood norms) with its long takes, constantly moving camera and use of deep focus. Looking at French society just before the start of World War II, the film is principally set in the country estate of the Marquis de la Chesnaye (Marcel Dalio) and shows the collapse of a frivolous, static and corrupt aristocratic society. This image of France, as well as the film’s elaborate structure and the ambiguity of the characters, confused critics, provoked hostility from the public and was banned as demoralising by the French government after the outbreak of war.  Renoir never recovered from the negative reaction but despite this and the lack of commercial success, the director’s filming style, that brought out a complex mise-en-scene, the rich and varied array of characters and the 1959 restoration version helped to grow its reputation as one of the greatest films of all time. More…

10. Seven Samurai (1954) Dir. Akira Kurosawa, 207 mins.

Deeply influenced by Hollywood and particularly the westerns of John Ford, Kurosawa’s epic samurai adventure takes place in Warring States Period Japan. It follows the story of a village of farmers that hire seven masterless samurai (including the terrific Toshiro Mifune) to combat bandits who will return after the harvest to steal their crops. One of the most influential films of all time, evidenced by the breakthrough films of directors such as Spielberg, Lucas and Sergio Leone, it was remade by Sturges as the western The Magnificent Seven six years later. With its memorable characters and stunning action sequences Seven Samurai is as much a thrilling and engrossing form of entertainment as it is art and, probably, the most beloved of Japan’s jidaigeki masterpieces. More…

9. Raging Bull (1980) Dir. Martin Scorsese, 129 mins.

One of a string of early 1980s box office disappointments for Martin Scorsese, the film is a hugely ambitious and superbly edited biography of Jake LaMotta (Robert De Niro), an Italian American middleweight boxer whose sadomasochistic rage, sexual jealousy and animalistic appetite destroys his relationship with his wife and family. Scorsese gives De Niro the freedom to truly transform into the unsympathetic working class boxer and he’s got strong support from relative newcomers Joe Pesci and Cathy Moriarty (as LaMotta’s brother and wife). It received mixed reviews and criticism for its violent content on release, but De Niro’s explosive and absorbing performance, the brutal yet poetic fight scenes and the bleakly beautiful black and white cinematography make Raging Bull not only Scorsese’s finest film but also one of cinema’s best ever. More…

8. Blade Runner (1982) Dir. Ridley Scott, 117 mins.

Loosely adapted from Philip K. Dick’s novel ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’ the film depicts a dystopian Los Angeles in November 2019 in which genetically engineered beings called replicants are manufactured by the all-powerful Tyrell Corporation to work on off-world colonies. When a fugitive group of replicants led by Roy Batty (Ruger Hauer) escapes back to Earth, burnt-out cop Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) reluctantly agrees to hunt them down. On release it struggled at the box office and turned off critics with its unconventional pacing and plot, but still grew a reputation as cult sci-fi. After a director’s cut and The Final Cut (just two of seven versions) and helped by an outstanding cast, particularly Ford and an iconic turn from Hauer (who wrote the famous ‘Tears in the Rain’ speech himself), and the music of Vangelis, Blade Runner is now considered one of the most thematically complex and aesthetically stunning films ever made. More…

7. The Godfather Part II (1974) Dir. Francis Ford Coppola, 200 mins.

While Coppola had no initial interest in making a follow up to The Godfather, Part II became one of the most commercially and critically successful sequels of all time. The film is actually both a sequel and prequel, with the tale of a young Vito Corleone (Robert De Niro) and his ascent into criminality paralleling the continuing story of Vito’s youngest son, Michael Corleone (Al Pacino), who is now in charge of the criminal family enterprise. While some were quick to declare it greater than the original and few could argue against the outstanding performances and stunning cinematography, there were notable critics who attacked the non-linear narrative and the pacing. However, the film was soon reevaluated with many previous detractors changing their minds and it is now seen as one of the great creative triumphs of American cinema. More…

6.  (1963) Dir. Federico Fellini, 138 mins.

Made when neo-realism was still the reigning orthodoxy, Fellini’s surrealist avant-garde masterpiece is a portrait of a famous Italian film director, Guido Anselmi (Marcello Mastroianni), who is suffering from “director’s block”. Stalled on his new science fiction film that includes veiled autobiographical references, he loses interest amid artistic and marital difficulties. Fellini delivers a highly influential and inventive spectacle of imagery that’s helped along by a funny and thought provoking script, Mastroianni’s terrific performance and Nino Rota’s unique musical style. While the director’s own autobiographical tendencies became more accentuated with , it’s his ability to draw from other people’s recollections and fantasies as well as his own, that made it his most representative film and one of the greatest ever. More…

5. Apocalypse Now (1979) Dir. Francis Ford Coppola, 153 mins.

Drawing from war correspondent Michael Herr’s dispatches and Herzog’s Aguirre, the Wrath of God, John Milius adapted the story of Joseph Conrad’s novella Heart of Darkness, changing its setting from late nineteenth-century Congo to the Vietnam War. The plot revolves around two US Army special operations officers Captain Willard (Martin Sheen) and Colonel Kurtz (Marlon Brando). Willard is sent to assassinate the rogue and insane Kurtz in what becomes a nightmarish journey into the darkness of war and the monsters who inhabit it. The film is also notable as one of cinema’s most troubled productions (as documented in Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse) with sets destroyed by severe weather, Sheen having a near fatal heart attack and the release being postponed while Coppola edited thousands of feet of film. Apocalypse Now received mixed reviews on release and while Brando’s bravura turn (much of it improvised) threatened to unbalance the film, (and he arrived on set overweight and unprepared), the brilliant direction of Coppola, inspired writing by Milius and Vittorio Storaro’s acclaimed cinematography has seen it reevaluated to now be considered one of the greatest films ever made. More…

4. Tokyo Story (1953) Dir. Yasujiro Ozu, 136 mins.

With his masterful ability for understanding the human condition, Yasujiro Ozu, by the time of his death in 1963 (aged just 60), had become, by common consent, Japan’s greatest director and his most famous and acclaimed film remains Tokyo monogatari (Tokyo Story), the poignant tale of a couple who travel to Tokyo to visit their grown children. The elderly grandparents find their offspring too preoccupied with their jobs and families to spend much time with them. In fact, the only affection and kindness comes from their daughter-in-law Noriko, widow of a son they lost to war. Ozu combines his seemingly simple but distinctive minimalist filming techniques, (placing the camera, which rarely moves, at a low height as well as intricate cutting), with brilliant narrative control to deliver an emotionally rich yet subtle family drama that’s as close to everyday life as any the cinema has given us. More…

3. Citizen Kane (1941) Dir. Orson Welles, 119 mins.

Considered by some as overly self-conscious, artificial and even baroque, Orson Welles’s sensational first studio film examines the life and legacy of the fictional Charles Foster Kane (Welles himself) who rises from obscurity to become a publishing tycoon. Coming off the back of Welles’s infamous 1938 ‘War of the Worlds’ broadcast, RKO gave him full creative freedom and let him loose on the studio’s latest technology. While his role as the ‘auteur’ has been questioned (Pauline Kael argued Herman J. Mankiewicz was the sole scriptwriter) it was his revolutionary approach to the film medium that encouraged large scale experimentation on existing techniques, particularly the complex narrative structure, cinematographer Greg Toland’s rule breaking use of lighting and deep focus and the innovative use of the music of composer Bernard Herrmann (his first film score), that helped make Citizen Kane a technical and stylistic triumph. Despite a campaign by newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst that delayed the release (Hearst thought the portrayal of Kane to be too close to his own megalomaniac personality), the film received rave reviews and has gone on to be acclaimed as a landmark achievement in cinema. More…

2. The Godfather (1972) Dir. Francis Ford Coppola, 175 mins.

Brilliantly combining the temperament of European art cinema with the Hollywood gangster genre of the past, Francis Ford Coppola’s epic mafia saga chronicles ten years (1945-55) in the lives of a fictional Italian American crime family. The film focuses most on the ageing patriarch Vito Corleone (a come back for Marlon Brando), and his youngest son, Michael Corleone (Al Pacino), whose transformation from war hero and reluctant family outsider to ruthless mafia boss propels much of the narrative. Coppola had to fight to cast Brando (and also Pacino), who gives a performance of immense authority amongst a magnificent cast of what were then mainly unknown actors. With a success that marked the transition from Classic Hollywood to New American Cinema and revitalised Paramount, The Godfather is a masterpiece of stunning artistry and masterful story telling that is continually lauded as one of the greatest and most influential films in world cinema. More…

1. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1969) Dir. Stanley Kubrick, 141 mins.

Remarkably once labelled as dull, unimaginative and lacking dramatic appeal, Kubrick’s grand science fiction spectacle took four years to prepare and used special effects, particularly in depicting space flight, that were without precedent in the industry. The film, which follows a voyage to Jupiter with the sentient computer HAL after the discovery of a mysterious black monolith, deals with themes of existentialism, human evolution, technology, artificial intelligence, and the existence of extraterrestrial life. With the hypnotic imagery, scientific realism and Kubrick’s elaborate use of music, 2001 is now acclaimed as visionary cinema. Even watching it fifty years after its original release, you are provided with a visual and technical quality that’s still without equal in the history of film. More…


The Pendragon Society’s 1000 Greatest Films (2019) 40-21


40. Fanny and Alexander (1982) Dir. Ingmar Bergman, 188 mins.

Bergman made a triumphant return to form, and to his roots, with this colourful, expansive family saga, that follows the well-to-do Ekdahls, and is set in turn of the century Uppsala. With a surprising amount of warmth and generosity, it’s Bergman at his most visually ambitious. Watch

39. Blue Velvet (1986) Dir. David Lynch, 120 mins.

Lynch’s unsettling and provocative drama centres around a college student, Jeffrey Beaumont, who, upon returning from visiting his ill father in hospital, comes across a human ear in a field in his idealised hometown of Lumberton.  Intrigued by what he’s found, Jeffrey journeys behind the facade of a supposedly normal small town into the terrifying criminal world  of the malevolent Frank Booth (Dennis Hopper). Initially disliked for the level of violence, the film has grown from a cult following to be considered one of the best films of the 1980s. Watch

38. La Dolce Vita (1960) Dir. Federico Fellini, 180 mins.

Marking a watershed moment in the history of Italian cinema as neo-realism moved to a new art cinema, La dolce vita is the three hour epic story of a passive journalist’s week in a morally decaying Rome, and his search for both happiness and love that will never come as he declines into decadent sexual play. Also seen as a crucial turning point in the battle for freedom of expression against censorship, the film’s sexual candor helped make it a sensation, La Dolce Vita depicts an absurdist spectacle of contemporary life and is deemed one of the great triumphs of post war art cinema.  Buy

37. Persona (1966) Dir. Ingmar Bergman, 85 mins.

The story revolves around a young nurse named Alma (Bibi Andersson) and her patient, well-known stage actress Elisabet Vogler (Liv Ullmann), who has suddenly stopped speaking. They move to a cottage, where Alma cares for the traumatised Elisabet, confides in her and begins having trouble distinguishing herself from her patient. One of the most analysed films of all time, some will find it dated and others too ambiguous, but Bergman’s use of close-ups helps to exert a hypnotic intensity that along with the superb performances of the two female leads, propels Persona into the realm of cinematic genius. Watch

36. Breathless (1960) Dir. Jean-Luc Godard, 90 mins.

Made with a cinema-verite style consciously opposed to the aesthetic of traditional French cinema, Breathless was one of the work’s that signalled the arrival of the New Wave and became the movement’s emblematic film. It is an anarchic and freewheeling story of a young petty criminal Michel Poiccard (Jean-Paul Belmondo) who, while searching for purpose in life, guns down a policeman and goes on the run with his seemingly naive American girlfriend, Patricia Franchini (Jean Seberg), until she betrays him. Godard’s debut feature managed to capture the cultural mood of the time and, as well as its intellectual and aesthetic resonances, it’s the radical challenge to conventional narrative, using jump cuts and extended long takes shot with hand held cameras, that make it one of the medium’s great artistic creations, able to be derivative of commercial cinema and yet, at the same time, truly original. Watch

35. The Seventh Seal (1957) Dir. Ingmar Bergman, 96 mins.

A film that came to epitomise not just Scandinavian cinema but the European art movie in general, The Seventh Seal is a metaphysical allegory that follows a medieval knight (Max von Sydow), who, having returned from the Crusades, journeys across a plague-ridden landscape, and plays a game of chess with the personification of Death (Bengt Ekerot). One of the film’s that shifted Bergman’s focus from comedy to more serious themes, and elevated his status to preeminent cinematic artist. Watch

34. Alien (1979) Dir. Ridley Scott, 117 mins.

The crew of the commercial towing spaceship Nostromo are stalked and killed by a highly aggressive extraterrestrial creature while on a return trip from Thedus to Earth. Acclaimed for its brilliant aesthetic work that adds to the realism. Watch

33. L’avventura (1960) Dir. Michelangelo Antonioni, 141 mins.

Helping to signal both the definitive demise of neo-realism and the arrival of new art cinema, L’Avventura was developed from a story by Antonioni about a young woman’s disappearance during a boating trip in the Mediterranean. During the subsequent search for her an attraction grows between her lover and her best friend (Monica Vitti). Shot entirely on location and beset by constant logistical and financial problems, the film was greeted with catcalls from sections of the audience at Cannes, but was passionately defended by a handful of critics and, with its innovative aesthetics, has gone on to be seen as one of the most influential films ever made. The appeal of the film was also enhanced, no doubt, by the dazzling performance of the then unknown Vitti. Watch

32. Barry Lyndon (1975) Dir. Stanley Kubrick, 184 mins.

The film follows the exploits of an 18th century Irish adventurer, Barry Lyndon (Ryan O’Neal). Kubrick turns Thackeray’s novel into a chilling theorem on the illusions of the Enlightenment and the ontological limits of the human condition. Watch

31. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966) Dir. Sergio Leone, 161 mins.

The third of Leone’s ‘dollar’ films centres around three gunslingers competing to find a fortune in Confederate gold during the American Civil War. A successful combination of Clint Eastwood’s acting style and Leone’s brilliant direction. Watch

30. A Clockwork Orange (1971) Dir. Stanley Kubrick, 136 mins.

Set in the future, the film concerns Alex (Malcolm McDowell), a charismatic, psychopathic delinquent whose pleasures are classical music, rape, and what he refers to as ‘the ultra-violence’. He spends his nights as the leader of a youth gang, that speaks an argot combining Russian and English word forms, and, as well fighting amongst themselves, commit robberies, assaulting anyone they find in the vicinity. Captured after a murder, the hooligan undergoes behavioural modification treatment designed to make him sick at the idea of violence. Managing, once again, to bring to life a world of ambiguity, Kubrick brilliantly combines flamboyant and inventive visuals with the choreography of violence to create a grotesque attack on utopian beliefs. Buy

29. Goodfellas (1990) Dir. Roman Polanski, 131 mins.

The satirical film follows the rise and fall of three gangsters, spanning three decades. The protagonist Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) admits, “As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster.” Outstanding story telling from Scorsese and a great performance from Liotta that became something of an albatross for his career. Watch

28. Once Upon a Time in the West (1968) Dir. Sergio Leone, 165 mins.

To get his hands on prime railroad land in Sweetwater, crippled railroad baron Morton (Gabriele Ferzetti) hires killers, led by blue-eyed sadist Frank (Henry Fonda), who wipe out property owner Brett McBain (Frank Wolff) and his family. McBain’s newly arrived bride, Jill (Claudia Cardinale), however, inherits it instead. Both outlaw Cheyenne (Jason Robards) and lethally mysterious Harmonica (Charles Bronson) take it upon themselves to look after Jill and thwart Frank’s plans to seize her land. With Ennio Morricone’s notable melodic score, that’s in stark contrast to the brutality of the action, as well as great performances and masterful visual detail, Once Upon a Time in the West is an epic western masterpiece. More…

27. The 400 Blows (1959) Dir. Francois Truffaut, 99 mins.

Reacting against the supposed formulaic and studio controlled mainstream films of the 1950s, outspoken Cahiers du Cinema critic, Francois Truffaut helped trigger the New Wave with a film revolving around an ordinary adolescent in Paris, Antoine Doinel (Jean-Pierre Leaud) who is thought by his parents and teachers to be a trouble maker. His teacher singles him out for criticism and punishment, while his mother is cold and demanding, and frequently argues with her husband (Antoine’s stepfather). The 400 Blows has elements of autobiography as the precocious Truffaut was incarcerated as a teenager for failing to pay debts while in the film the young protagonist is jailed for stealing a typewriter. Showing an allegiance to the visual style of filmmakers such Renoir and Welles, Truffaut uses moving camera shots and long takes to create an open fluid mise-en-scene. However, it’s the performance of Leaud, who provides an intelligent yet innocent portrayal of the troubled but often humorous youth during his initiation into a callous adult world, that gives the film its brilliant pathos and is ultimately the key to its success. More…

26. Come and See (1985) Dir. Elem Klimov, 140 mins.

Set in 1943, during the Nazi German occupation of the Byelorussian SSR, Klimov’s anti-war psychological horror follows a young peasant boy (Alexei Kravchenko), who, having defied his parents by joining the resistance movement, witnesses the atrocities committed on the populace. Although it went on to be a large box office hit in the Soviet Union, Klimov had had to wait 8 years before he was given approval by the authorities to produce it. Unrelenting in its brutal realism, Come and See combines disorienting camera work, extreme facial close-ups and a brilliant use of sound to enhance some of the most harrowing imagery ever seen on film. There was much speculation as to why Klimov had made no more films after this. In 2001 he provided an answer, “I lost interest in making films…Everything that was possible I felt I had already done.” For those who have seen Klimov’s lyrical and nightmarish masterpiece, this seems like no idle boast. Buy

25. The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928) Dir. Carl Theodor Dreyer, 110 mins.

Dreyer’s last silent film, The Passion of Joan of Arc was shot in France with massive technical and financial resources and in conditions of great creative freedom. Having spent over a year researching Joan of Arc (played here by stage actress Renée Jeanne Falconetti), Dreyer forgoes medieval pageantry or Joan’s military exploits, instead using the records of the Rouen trial to focus on the spiritual and political conflicts of her last day as a captive of England. Instantly acclaimed by critics as a masterpiece (although it was a commercial failure), the film is probably most notable for the symbolic progression of close-up faces that reaches an apotheosis in the long sustained sequence of Joan’s interrogation against a menacing architectural backdrop. Despite French nationalists’ scepticism about whether a Danish person could be in charge of a film that centred on one of France’s most revered historical icons, it’s Dreyer’s brilliant direction, particularly the unconventional emphasis on the actors’ facial features, that along with Falconetti’s unforgettable performance, gives the film its immense emotional power. More…

24. Chinatown (1974) Dir. Roman Polanski, 131 mins.

Having left Poland and then made several quirky horror films for the European and U.S. markets, Polanski took a large stride forward with this revisionist work, set in Los Angeles in 1937, and inspired by the historical disputes over land and water rights that had raged in southern California during the 1910s and 20s. The film stars Jack Nicholson, in one of his finest roles as cynical private investigator J.J. “Jake” Gittes, who is out of his depth in a world of politics, sexual power and corruption. Watch

23. Once Upon a Time in America (1984) Dir. Sergio Leone, 229 mins.

Sergio Leone was by far the most talented director of spaghetti westerns, but arguably his best film is this gangster epic that he made having earlier turned down the chance to direct The Godfather. The long but always fascinating story chronicles the lives of Jewish ghetto youths who rise to prominence in New York City’s world of organised crime, particularly David “Noodles” Aaronson, initially a poor street kid struggling to survive in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in the early 1920s. One of the few great Italian films of the 1980s and featuring a remarkable reproduction of New York’s Lower East Side, Once Upon a Time in America is visually stunning, violent and desperately sad. More…

22. The Mirror (1975) Dir. Andrei Tarkovsky, 106 mins.

Propelled by autobiographical reflections on Tarkovsky’s own childhood trauma, The Mirror unfolds as an organic flow of memories recalled by a dying poet (based on Tarkovsky’s absent father Arseny, who in reality outlived his son by three years) of key moments in his life both with respect to his immediate family as well as that of the Russian people as a whole during the tumultuous events of the twentieth century. Extremely experimental, the film uses an unconventional nonlinear structure featuring contemporary scenes combined with childhood memories and dreams that have a hallucinatory and rhythmic quality that speaks directly to the subconscious of the viewer. Although when released the film was considered an unfocused failure by some critics and the narrative incomprehensible by many cinema-goers, The Mirror has grown in reputation since to now be considered one of the most beautiful and poetic films ever made. More…

21. Ran (1985) Dir. Akira Kurosawa, 162 mins.

Made possible by more of the overseas funding that helped reignite Kurosawa’s career in the 1970s and 80s, Ran tells the story of the ageing Warlord Hidetora Ichimonji who makes the decision to retire from his position as head of his family faction and split his kingdom between his three sons. Tragedy follows amid a visual splendour that helped to reinforce Kurosawa’s reputation as one of the greatest and most influential filmmakers of the 20th century. More…


The Pendragon Society’s 1000 Greatest Films (2019) 60-41


60. In the Mood for Love (2000) Dir. Wong Kar-Wai, 98 mins.

Sensual and mood driven, the second part of Wong Kar-Wai’s informal trilogy (the others being Days of Being Wild and 2046), vividly recreates a Shanghaiese enclave in Hong Kong in 1962 and centres on two young couples who rent adjacent rooms in a cramped and crowded tenement. It’s a hypnotically beautiful and moving period peace exploring memory, tradition and the loneliness that comes from unrequited love and features a notably sympathetic performance from Tony Leung (who won best actor at Cannes). More…

59. Reservoir Dogs (1992) Dir. Quentin Tarantino, 99 mins.

It features Harvey Keitel, Michael Madsen, Steve Buscemi, Chris Penn, Lawrence Tierney, Tim Roth, Tarantino, and criminal-turned-author Edward Bunker as members of a botched diamond heist. The film depicts the events before and after the heist. Watch

58. Mulholland Dr. (2001) Dir. David Lynch, 147 mins.

The film tells the story of an aspiring actress named Betty Elms (Naomi Watts), newly arrived in Los Angeles, who meets and befriends an amnesiac hiding in her aunt’s apartment. Watch

57. The Night of the Hunter (1955) Dir. Charles Laughton, 92 mins.

The plot focuses on a corrupt minister-turned-serial killer (Robert Mitchum) who attempts to charm an unsuspecting widow and steal $10,000 hidden by her executed husband. Watch

56. Satantango (1994) Dir. Bela Tarr, 450 mins.

This seven-hour European epic takes place in an abandoned Hungarian farm machinery plant. There live a small band of hobos who will do anything they can to leave the place. A series of events occurs, but the story presents those events from each of the different character’s viewpoints. Buy

55. Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (1927) Dir. F.W. Murnau, 94 mins.

Thanks to the phenomenal success of German director Murnau’s The Last Laugh, he was invited to Hollywood by William Fox to make an expressionist film and given complete control on Sunrise. While the film is invariably described as silent cinema it was one of the first to be released and widely seen with a Fox Movietone sound-on-film music and effects track. Based on the Hermann Sudermann novel A Trip to Tilsit, it takes place in a colourful farming community, where people from the city regularly take their weekend holidays. Local farmer George O’Brien, happily married to Janet Gaynor, falls under the seductive spell of Margaret Livingston, a femme fatale from The City. He callously ignores his wife and child and strips his farm of its wealth on behalf of Livingston, but even this fails to satisfy her. Shot in Murnau’s accustomed manner, with elaborate stylised sets, complicated location shooting and experimental visual effects, the film’s costs far exceeded its earnings, but the poetic tale of sin and redemption overwhelmed critics with its beautiful visual aesthetics and continues to be regarded as one of the greatest films ever made. More…

54. Touch of Evil (1958) Dir. Orson Welles, 95 mins.

With a screenplay loosely based on the novel Badge of Evil by Whit Masterson, writer/director Orson Welles’s only studio film of the 1950s follows Miguel Vargas (Charlton Heston), a drug enforcement official in the Mexican government. While on honeymoon on the US side of the border a Mexican car bomb explodes and he takes an interest in the investigation. However, he is soon at odds with American police captain Hank Quinlan (Welles) and his shady partner, Menzies (Joseph Calleia) who are attempting to frame an innocent man. Released with four different running times, the original version having been brutally cut by the studio, Welles’s brilliant noir masterpiece was restored to the filmmaker’s true vision in 1998 and its reputation has grown to be deemed not only one of the genre’s best but also one of the greatest films of the 1950s. More…

53. The Dark Knight (2008) Dir. Christopher Nolan, 152 mins.

The second of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, that redefined the comic book movie, sees Batman (Christian Bale) joining forces with Police Lieutenant James Gordon (Gary Oldman) and District Attorney Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) to combat a new criminal threat from the sinister Joker (Heath Ledger), a criminal mastermind who seeks to undermine the caped crusader and cause chaos in the city of Gotham.  Influenced more by crime dramas, such as Michael Mann’s Heat, rather than superhero movies of the past, the film features a terrific ensemble cast and a particularly outstanding performance by Ledger (who sadly died of a drugs overdose just months after filming was completed and won a posthumous Academy Award). While there are hugely entertaining and technically impressive action sequences, its the bold narrative, complex characterisation and stunning visual work that moves the film far beyond its comic book origins into the darker territory of haunting, tragic and sometimes even poetic art. More…

52. The Third Man (1949) Dir. Carol Reed, 93 mins.

Reed’s visually striking film noir follows American pulp Western writer Holly Martins (Joseph Cotten), who arrives in Vienna seeking an old friend, Harry Lime (Orson Welles), who has offered him the opportunity to work with him after World War II. Watch

51. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975) Dir. Milos Forman, 133 mins.

Randle Patrick McMurphy (Jack Nicholson), a recidivist criminal serving a short sentence for statutory rape is transferred to a mental institution for evaluation. Buy

50. Stalker (1979) Dir. Andrei Tarkovsky, 163 mins.

The film depicts an expedition led by a figure known as the “Stalker” (Aleksandr Kaidanovsky) to take his two clients, a melancholic writer (Anatoli Solonitsyn) seeking inspiration, and a professor (Nikolai Grinko) seeking scientific discovery, to a mysterious restricted site known simply as the “Zone,” where there is a room which supposedly has the ability to fulfil a person’s innermost desires. Watch

49. The Decalogue (1989) Dir. Krzysztof Kieslowski, 550 mins.

It consists of ten one-hour films, each of which represents one of the Ten Commandments and explores possible meanings of the commandment within a fictional story set in modern Poland. Buy

48. Schindler’s List (1993) Dir. Steven Spielberg, 195 mins.

The film that finally earned Spielberg an Academy Award for best director, follows Oskar Schindler (Liam Neeson), a German entrepreneur, who, during the Holocaust, finds himself developing a moral conscience while running an operation to supply the Nazi war effort. This leads to him unexpectedly saving the lives of more than a thousand mostly Polish-Jewish refugees. The film features stunning black and white photography, an emotive score and an almost unbearably brutal realism. Although accused by some as turning one of the most horrific episodes in human history into entertainment, the film also brought commercial titan Spielberg huge critical recognition and perhaps even helped to reconcile the long struggle between Hollywood’s artistic and moral aspirations and the need for box office success. It’s also notable for the tremendous and charismatic performance of Neeson that’s maybe even bettered by Ralph Fiennes’s chilling portrayal of the inhuman German camp commandant, Amon Goeth. Watch

47. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) Dir. Peter Jackson, 178 mins.

Before he got too carried away with CGI, New Zealander Peter Jackson got the balance just right in the first of his epic fantasy trilogy set in Tolkien’s Middle-earth. The film tells of the Dark Lord Sauron, who is seeking the One Ring, but its found its way to the young hobbit Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood). To defeat Sauron, Frodo must leave his simple life in the shire and join a quest with a fellowship that includes the wizard Gandalf (Ian McKellen), his faithful friend Sam (Sean Astin) and the mysterious Strider (Viggo Mortenson). Remarkably well crafted and imagined, Jackson and his team create a visually rich mythical universe that’s on a scale that seemed impossible only a few years earlier. The film’s grandeur is enhanced by the sort of powerful emotional intensity and complex characterisation that is perhaps lost behind the ever growing story strands and huge effects in the follow up films. More…

46. Harakiri (1962) Dir. Masaki Kobayashi, 133 mins.

Kobayshi’s remarkable Japanese drama, set in the 17th century, explores the cult of the samurai as warriors fight each other in their search for a master in the wake of a Shogun-mandated decentralisation. When a young Samurai is forced to perform ritual suicide using a bamboo sword (a scene that brought some notoriety on release), his family tries to cover up his degrading demise. Shot in black and white widescreen, Harakiri is a criminally overlooked epic that’s darker than much of Kurosawa’s work of this period and unflinching in its brilliantly choreographed violence. Watch

45. Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964) Dir. Stanley Kubrick, 93 mins.

Showcasing Kubrick’s uncanny ability to mix drama and the grotesque, Dr. Strangelove is a sharp satire on Cold War paranoia and the pathology of sexual frustration. The story concerns an unhinged US Air Force general (Sterling Hayden) who orders a first strike nuclear attack on the Soviet Union. It also follows the President of the United States, his advisers, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and a Royal Air Force (RAF) officer as they try to recall the bombers to prevent a nuclear apocalypse. It separately follows the crew of one B-52 bomber as they try to deliver their payload. Along with Hayden the film also features great work from George C. Scott and Peter Sellers, who plays three pivotal parts. A radical and provocative gamble, the film is one of Kubrick’s most brilliantly realised productions and still considered one of the greatest comedies ever made. More…

44. City of God (2002) Dir. Fernando Meirelles, 130 mins.

With a plot loosely based on real events, the film depicts the growth of the slum gangs in the Cidade de Deus suburb of Rio, with the closure of the film depicting the war between the drug dealer Li’l Zé and bus driver turned criminal Knockout Ned. With an authentically gritty feel, helped by the use of a mainly amateur cast from local favelas, and brilliant energised story telling, City of God is one of the most compelling studies of the irresistibility of criminality and violence for youths who have little in the way of life choices. While some critics denounced the visceral and shocking violence for being shot with entertainment in mind, it is never without purpose and few could argue that the film is not a remarkable technical achievement. More…

43. Lawrence of Arabia (1962) Dir. David Lean, 227 mins.

Winner of seven Oscars, Lean’s four hour epic depicts T. E. Lawrence’s experiences in Arabia during World War I, in particular his attacks on Aqaba and Damascus and his involvement in the Arab National Council. Propelled by a stunning central performance from Peter O’Toole (a virtual unknown at the time), the film shows Lawrence’s internal struggles with the violence of war and his divided allegiances between Britain and the Arabian desert tribes. With its mammoth scope, stunning cinematography and intelligent screenplay, Lawrence of Arabia remains one of the greatest and most influential films in the history of cinema. More…

42. Casablanca (1942) Dir. Michael Curtiz, 102 mins.

Set during World War II, it focuses on Rick (Humphrey Bogart), a mysterious embittered man leading a lone existence who is confronted by his lost love, Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman) and finds his priorities starting to change. He becomes torn between his love for Ilsa and helping her and her Czech Resistance leader husband escape the Vichy-controlled Moroccan city. While Bogart, with his sardonic style and ambiguous screen image, is very much the hero of the piece, the film was Swedish actress Bergman’s first major Hollywood success and she provides probably her most memorable performance. The sustained close ups of her face, that show her striking beauty and fundamental nobility, explain what the narrative cannot, that she is virtuous in a way that the cynical Rick had not previously considered. An unlikely adaptation of a play never made, the production struggled through frequent script changes and an unknown ending until it was time to shoot the final scenes. Yet, by utilising familiar patterns in Hollywood narrative, an all-star supporting cast of European performers and the two compelling leads, Casablanca became the most popular of World War II movies and a romantically poignant classic. Watch

41. Psycho (1960) Dir. Alfred Hitchcock, 109 mins.

Having just enjoyed spectacular success with the lavishly scaled North by Northwest, with Psycho, Hitchcock surprisingly turned to a shooting schedule and black and white photography that was more commonly used in television. The grisly horror/thriller follows Marion Crane (Janet Leigh), who, while hiding at a motel after embezzling from her employer, encounters the the initially mild mannered motel owner, Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins). Unsettling and strange when compared to the director’s earlier romantic adventures, the film features a mix of brilliant montage, long mobile camera shots, complex characterisation and dramatic narrative shifts that play with the audience’s expectations. It’s here that Hitchcock’s collaboration with composer Bernard Herrmann arguably reaches its peak, particularly with one of cinema’s most acclaimed sequences, the famous shower scene. Derided at the time of release by critics who deemed it to have too much focus on the sort of seedy subject matter they thought was more at home in cheap horror, the film is now seen as one of Hithcock’s major works. Ultimately, while it’s sex and violence may seem tame and even predictable by 21st century standards, the film represents an important turning point in American film history as it brought such excesses into mainstream cinema but it was also such content, and particularly an increased tendency from Hitchcock towards violence against women, that would later cause a decline in his popularity. Watch


The Pendragon Society’s 1000 Greatest Films (2019) 80-61


80. The Shawshank Redemption (1994) Dir. Frank Darabont, 142 mins.

An adaptation of Stephen King’s prison drama that follows banker Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) who is sentenced to life in Shawshank State Penitentiary for the murder of his wife and her lover, despite his claims of innocence. Over the following two decades, he befriends a fellow prisoner, Ellis “Red” Redding (Morgan Freeman), and becomes instrumental in a money laundering operation led by the prison warden Samuel Norton (Bob Gunton). A film that struggled at the box office but grew in reputation thanks to word of mouth. Particularly notable are Freeman’s superb narration and Robbins compelling performance. Watch

79. Annie Hall (1977) Dir. Woody Allen, 93 mins.

A romantic comedy classic from a screenplay Allen co-wrote with Marshall Brickman. Produced by Allen’s manager, Charles H. Joffe, the film stars Allen as Alvy “Max” Singer, who tries to figure out the reasons for the failure of his relationship with the film’s eponymous female lead, played by Diane Keaton in a role written specifically for her. Watch

78. Gladiator (2000) Dir. Ridley Scott, 155 mins.

Having redefined a number of genres (Horror – Alien, Sci-fi – Blade Runner and the road movie – Thelma and Louise) Ridley Scott turned his hand to reinvigorating the sword and sandal epic with a partial remake of 1964s The Fall of the Roman Empire. Russell Crowe stars as Hispano-Roman general Maximus Decimus Meridius, who is betrayed when Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix), the ambitious son of Emperor Marcus Aurelius (Richard Harris), murders his father and seizes the throne. Reduced to slavery, Maximus rises through the ranks of the gladiatorial arena to avenge the murders of his family and his emperor. Scott used the latest in computer-generated imagery to deliver a technical masterclass (particularly the visceral battle sequence in Germania) which not only won 5 Oscars but also helped rekindled interest in Roman and classical history. Among an excellent cast are terrific swansongs for Harris and Oliver Reed (who passed away before filming was complete). The level of violence and the historical anachronisms will annoy some but the striking imagery, Crowe’s powerful but yet soulful performance and a superb soundtrack from Hans Zimmer make Gladiator a monumental and thrillingly entertaining epic. More…

77. Pather Panchali (1955) Dir. Satyajit Ray, 122 mins.

The first film in the Apu trilogy, Pather Panchali depicts the childhood of the protagonist Apu (Subir Banerjee) and his elder sister Durga (Uma Dasgupta) and the harsh village life of their poor family. Watch

76. Paris, Texas (1984) Dir. Wim Wenders, 147 mins.

The plot focuses on an amnesiac named Travis (Harry Dean Stanton) who, after mysteriously wandering out of the desert, attempts to reunite with his brother (Dean Stockwell) and seven-year-old son. After reconnecting with the son, Travis and the boy end up embarking on a voyage through the American Southwest to track down Travis’ long-missing wife (Kinski). Stanton excels in his first real lead role. Watch

75. Ali: Fear Eats the Soul (1974) Dir. Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 94 mins.

The film revolves around an unlikely relationship which develops between an elderly woman and a Moroccan migrant worker in post-war Germany. Watch

74. The Searchers (1956) Dir. John Ford, 119 mins.

After a break from the genre which had lasted six years, John Ford returned to the western with what many consider to be his masterpiece. The Searchers is Ford’s most psychological film and stars John Wayne, eliciting a monumental performance, as Ethan Edwards, a bitter middle-aged Civil War veteran, who spends seven years obsessively roaming the West to find his niece, who was abducted by Comanches, with Martin Pawley (Jeffrey Hunter), his adoptive nephew. Achingly poignant, it’s a film where Ford shows off his great skill for humanising the epic and finds a perfection in his measured and assured shooting style and his command of landscape as realised in his extraordinary vistas of his beloved Monument Valley. While reaction was a little muted on release, The Searchers has gone on to be acclaimed as Ford’s most important and influential film. More…

73. Miller’s Crossing (1990) Dir. Joel & Ethan Coen, 120 mins.

The plot concerns a power struggle between two rival gangs (led by Albert Finney and Jon Polito) and how the protagonist, Tom Reagan (Gabriel Byrne), plays both sides off against each other. Watch

72. Days of Heaven (1978) Dir. Terrence Malick, 94 mins.

Remarkably immersive and visually stunning, Days of Heaven is set in 1916 and tells the story of Bill and Abby, lovers who travel to the Texas Panhandle to harvest crops for a wealthy farmer. Bill encourages Abby to claim the fortune of the dying farmer by tricking him into a false marriage. Watch

71. Brazil (1985) Dir. Terry Gilliam, 94 mins.

Influenced by the surrealism of Fellini, Gilliam’s Orwellian sci-fi is set in a consumer driven dystopian world, in which there is an over reliance on whimsical and poorly maintained machines. It centres on Sam Lowry (Jonathan Pryce), who lives in a small apartment and works in a mind numbing job while trying to find a woman who appears in his dreams. Watch

70. A Brighter Summer Day (1991) Dir. Edward Yang, 237 mins.

Set in Taiwan during the year 1960, a talented but self-centred student refuses to compromise his moral standards with anyone, teachers, friends, parents or girlfriend. Watch

69. Jaws (1975) Dir. Steven Spielberg, 124 mins.

In the story, a giant man-eating great white shark attacks beachgoers on Amity Island, a fictional New England summer resort town, prompting the local police chief (Roy Scheider) to hunt it with the help of a marine biologist (Richard Dreyfuss) and a professional shark hunter (Robert Shaw). Watch

68. Singin’ in the Rain (1952) Dir. Stanley Donen, Gene Kelly, 103 mins.

The film offers a comic depiction of Hollywood, and its transition from silent films to “talkies” and stars Gene Kelly as a popular silent film star. Watch

67. Sunset Blvd. (1950) Dir. Billy Wilder, 110 mins.

The film stars William Holden as an unsuccessful screenwriter and Gloria Swanson as a faded movie star who draws him into her fantasy world, in which she dreams of making a return to the screen. Watch

66. M (1931) Dir. Fritz Lang, 99 mins.

Set in 1930’s Berlin, the film revolves around the actions of a serial killer (Peter Lorre) who preys on children and the manhunt for him, conducted by both the police and the criminal underworld. Lorre’s performance caused a sensation. Watch

65. The Shining (1980) Dir. Stanley Kubrick, 142 mins.

The Shining is about Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson), an aspiring writer and recovering alcoholic, who accepts a position as the off-season caretaker of the isolated historic Overlook Hotel in the Colorado Rockies. Wintering over with Jack is his wife Wendy Torrance (Shelley Duvall) and young son Danny Torrance (Danny Lloyd), who possesses “the shining”, an array of psychic abilities that allow Danny to see the hotel’s horrific past. Watch

64. Battleship Potemkin (1925) Dir. Sergei M. Eisenstein, 75 mins.

Throughout the silent era Sergei Eisenstein attempted to harmonise his experiments with film aesthetic with the propaganda dictates of the Russian state. By presenting a dramatised version of the mutiny that occurred in 1905 when the crew of the Russian battleship Potemkin rebelled against their officers, particularly the moving and shocking portrayal of the tsarist troops massacring innocents on the Odessa steps, he won sympathy and respect for the regime. Watch

63. City Lights (1931) Dir. Charles Chaplin, 87 mins.

The story follows the misadventures of Chaplin’s Tramp as he falls in love with a blind girl (Virginia Cherrill) and develops a turbulent friendship with an alcoholic millionaire (Harry Myers). Watch

62. Rear Window (1954) Dir. Alfred Hitchcock, 112 mins.

Laid up with a broken leg, photojournalist L.B. Jeffries (James Stewart) is confined to his tiny, sweltering courtyard apartment. To pass the time between visits from his nurse (Thelma Ritter) and his fashion model girlfriend Lisa (Grace Kelly), the binocular-wielding Jeffries stares through the rear window of his apartment at the goings-on in the other apartments around his courtyard. Watch

61. Spirited Away (2001) Dir. Hayao Miyazaki, 125 mins.

The film follows a sullen ten-year-old girl who is in the process of moving to a new town, and chronicles her adventures in a world of spirits and monsters. Buy


The Pendragon Society’s 1000 Greatest Films (2019) 100-81


100. Grave of the Fireflies (1988) Dir. Isao Takahata, 89 mins.

Set in the city of Kobe, Japan, the film tells the story of two siblings, Seita and Setsuko, and their desperate struggle to survive during the final months of the Second World War. Harrowing animated drama from Studio Ghibli. Buy

99. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007) Dir. Andrew Dominik, 160 mins.

An adaptation of Ron Hansen’s 1983 novel of the same name, Dominik’s ambitious revisionist western dramatises the relationship between James and Ford through the series of events that led up to the shooting of the legendary outlaw. Edited by Dominik to be “a dark, contemplative examination of fame and infamy,” the studio was initially opposed to his approach as they wanted more action. The writer/director had his way, backed by producers Brad Pitt and Ridley Scott. The film is full of fine performances, particularly by Pitt, who fits the bill as the charismatic and dangerous James but is just about overshadowed by an outstanding portrayal of Robert Ford by Casey Affleck. Along with the two brilliant lead performances, it’s the stunning visuals helped by Roger Deakins’s inventive cinematographic techniques, an emotive soundtrack from Nick Cave and Warren Ellis and a bold script from Dominik that come together to create a stylish mood piece with an epic sweep that explores the casual violence and harsh loneliness of the 19th century American west and the links between criminality and fame. More…

98. The Right Stuff (1983) Dir. Philip Kaufman, 193 mins.

Adapted from Tom Wolfe’s best-selling 1979 book of the same name the film follows the Navy, Marine and Air Force test pilots who were involved in aeronautical research at Edwards Air Force Base, California, as well as the Mercury Seven, the military pilots who were selected to be the astronauts for Project Mercury, the first manned spaceflight by the United States. Sam Shepherd gives an iconic performance as Chuck Yeager, the first pilot to officially break the sound barrier. Watch

97. Wings of Desire (1987) Dir. Wim Wenders, 128 mins.

The film is about invisible, immortal angels who populate Berlin and listen to the thoughts of its human inhabitants, comforting those who are in distress. One of the angels (Bruno Ganz), falls in love with a beautiful, lonely trapeze artist (Solveig Dommartin). The angel chooses to become mortal so that he can experience human sensory pleasures and discover human love with the trapeze artist. Watch

96. The Deer Hunter (1978) Dir. Michael Cimino, 182 mins.

Co-written and directed by Mchael Cimino, The Deer Hunter is about a trio of Russian American steelworkers whose lives are changed forever after they fight in the Vietnam War. Features arresting and harrowing scenes. Watch

95. Ugetsu (1953) Dir. Kenji Mizoguchi, 94 mins.

It is about a peasant farmer and potter who leaves his wife and young son during civil war, and is seduced by a spirit that threatens his life. A subplot involves his friend, who dreams of becoming a great samurai and achieves this at the unintended expense of his wife. Watch

94. No Country For Old Men (2007) Dir. Joel & Ethan Coen, 122 mins.

Faithfully adapted from the Cormac McCarthy novel of the same name, No Country for Old Men tells the story of an ordinary man (Josh Brolin) who, while out hunting, stumbles across the aftermath a drug deal gone awry and walks away with two million dollars in a briefcase. Soon he is being pursued by those who want the money back, including psychopathic hitman Anton Chigurh (Javier Bardem). While exploring similar ground, such as fate versus self determination, to their earlier crime films Blood Simple and particularly Fargo, the Coen Brothers move into even darker territory to deliver a landscaped based modern western with minimal dialogue and plenty of remorseless killing. Bardem’s chilling performance, the clever build up of suspense, stunning visual sequences and the serious tone (even with the marvellous deadpan humour) help make No Country for Old Men arguably the best of the Coens career so far. More…

93. Some Like it Hot (1959) Dir. Billy Wilder, 120 mins.

Wilder’s classic comedy follows two musicians (Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis) who dress in drag in order to escape from mafia gangsters whom they witnessed commit a crime inspired by the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre. Watch

92. Modern Times (1936) Dir. Charles Chaplin, 87 mins.

Modern Times is a silent comedy written and directed by Charlie Chaplin in which his iconic Little Tramp character struggles to survive in the modern, industrialised world. Watch

91. The Leopard (1963) Dir. Luchino Visconti, 187 mins.

The Leopard chronicles the fortunes of Prince Fabrizio Salina and his family during the unification of Italy in the 1860s. Watch

90. Late Spring (1949) Dir. Yasujiro Ozu, 108 mins.

Chisu Ryu plays a middle-class widower with a marriageable daughter. Not wishing to see the girl resign herself to spinsterhood, Ryu pretends that he himself is about to be married. The game plan is to convince the daughter that they’ll be no room for her at home, thus forcing her to seek comfort and joy elsewhere. Watch

89. L’atalante (1934) Dir. Jean Vigo, 89 mins.

Jean Dasté stars as Jean, the captain of a river barge who lives with his new wife Juliette (Dita Parlo) on the barge, along with first mate Père Jules (Michel Simon) and the cabin boy (Louis Lefebvre). Watch

88. Ikiru (1952) Dir. Akira Kurosawa, 143 mins.

The film examines the struggles of a terminally ill Tokyo bureaucrat and his final quest for meaning. Watch

87. Wild Strawberries (1957) Dir. Ingmar Bergman, 91 mins.

This profound character study chronicles an automobile trip taken by an elderly medical professor (Victor Sjostrom) to accept an honorary degree. Incidents and conversations occurring during the journey are intermixed with dreams and memories as the old man comes to terms with the life he has lived. Acclaimed Swedish silent film director, Sjostrom gives a moving performance as the reflective old man. Watch

86. The Lives of Others (2006) Dir. Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, 137 mins.

After a series of German comedies about the end of the East German socialist state, Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (who was only 16 when the Berlin Wall fell) delivers a deeply unsettling thriller with a remarkably authentic feel. The film involves the monitoring of the cultural scene of East Berlin by agents of the Stasi, particularly Captain Wiesler (the outstanding Ulrich Mühe) who listens in to the lives of a playwright and his prominent actress lover. While the decision to make Wiesler the hero of the piece was criticised by some the film was mostly applauded in Germany and with its clever narrative, build up of suspense and emotional intensity it’s not hard to see why many believe it’s one of the very best films to come out of the country. More…

85. Paths of Glory (1957) Dir. Stanley Kubrick, 87 mins.

Set during World War I, the film stars Kirk Douglas as Colonel Dax, the commanding officer of French soldiers who refuse to continue a suicidal attack. Dax attempts to defend them against a charge of cowardice in a court-martial. Watch

84. Pickpocket (1959) Dir. Robert Bresson, 75 mins.

A pickpocket, Kamal, is blamed by his wife for bringing misery to other families as well as to their own home. Although, he has promised to reform himself, he cannot find another line of work which would bring him a living wage. One day, after a morning of picking pockets, Kamal finds a photograph of his wife in a man’s purse he had just stolen. Watch

83. Metropolis (1927) Dir. Fritz Lang, 153 mins.

The film is set in the massive, sprawling futuristic mega-city Metropolis, whose society is divided into two classes, one of planners and management, who live high above the Earth in luxurious skyscrapers, and one of workers, who live and toil underground. Watch

82. Trainspotting (1996) Dir. Danny Boyle, 94 mins.

An adaptation of the novel by Irving Welsh, the film follows Mark Renton (Ewan McGregor), Spud (Ewan Bremner) and other heroin addicts in the late 1980s economically depressed area of Edinburgh. After quitting heroin, Renton struggles to adjust to the sober lifestyle he no longer remembers. Watch

81. Children of Paradise (1945) Dir. Marcel Carne, 190 mins.

Set against the Parisian theatre scene of the 1820s and 1830s, it tells the story of a beautiful courtesan, Garance, and the four men who love her in their own ways, a mime artist, an actor, a criminal and an aristocrat. Francois Truffaut stated that he would have given up all his films to have directed this one. Watch


The Pendragon Society’s 1000 Greatest Films (2019) 120-101


120. On the Waterfront (1954) Dir. Elia Kazan, 108 mins.

The film focuses on union violence and corruption amongst longshoremen on the waterfronts of Hoboken, New Jersey. Marlon Brando makes a huge impact as a dockworker and once promising boxer whose brother is the right hand man of a mob connected union boss.

119. Beauty and the Beast (1946) Dir. Jean Cocteau, 96 mins.

The plot of Cocteau’s film revolves around Belle’s father who is sentenced to death for picking a rose from Beast’s garden. Belle offers to go back to the Beast in her father’s place and Beast falls in love with her and proposes marriage on a nightly basis which she refuses. Belle eventually becomes more drawn to Beast, who tests her by letting her return home to her family and telling her that if she doesn’t return to him within a week, he will die of grief.

118. The Battle of Algiers (1966) Dir. Gillo Pontecorvo, 121 mins.

The bulk of the film is shot in flashback, presented as the memories of Ali (Brahim Haggiag), a leading member of the Algerian Front de Liberation Nationale (FLN), when finally captured by the French in 1957.

117. Fight Club (1999) Dir. David Fincher, 139 mins.

Edward Norton plays the unnamed protagonist, referred to as the narrator, who is discontented with his white-collar job. He forms a “fight club” with soap maker Tyler Durden, (Brad Pitt), and they are joined by men who also want to fight. The narrator becomes embroiled in a relationship with Durden and a dissolute woman, Marla Singer, (Helena Bonham Carter).

116. The Gold Rush (1925) Dir. Charles Chaplin, 96 mins.

The Tramp (Charlie Chaplin) travels to Alaska to take part in the Gold Rush, but bad weather strands him in a remote cabin with a prospector who has found a large gold deposit.

115. The Wizard of Oz (1939) Dir. Victor Fleming, 101 mins.

The Wizard of Oz stars the legendary Judy Garland as Dorothy, an innocent farm girl whisked out of her mundane earthbound existence into a land of pure imagination. Dorothy’s journey in Oz will take her through emerald forests, yellow brick roads, and creepy castles, all with the help of some unusual but earnest song-happy friends.

114. Hiroshima mon amour (1959) Dir. Alain Resnais, 90 mins.

An extramarital affair between a Japanese architect and a French film maker recalls the horrors of the atomic bomb and the prospects for world peace.

113. The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (1943) Dir. Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger, 163 mins.

General Candy (Roger Livesey), who’s overseeing an English squad in 1943, is a veteran leader who doesn’t have the respect of the men he’s training and is considered out-of-touch with what’s needed to win the war. But it wasn’t always this way. Flashing back to his early career in the Boer War and World War I, we see a dashing young officer whose life has been shaped by three different women (all played by Deborah Kerr), and by a lasting friendship with a German soldier.

112. Ordet (1955) Dir. Carl Theodor Dreyer, 126 mins.

Danish filmmaker Carl Theodor Dreyer examines the conflict between internalised personal faith and organised religion. Dreyer sets the drama in a conservative, super-pious Danish town, where widower Morten Borgen (Henrik Malberg), the father of three boys, cuts against the grain of the community with his constant heretical doubt.

111. Jules and Jim (1962) Dir. Francois Truffaut, 105 mins.

Set around the time of World War I, it describes a tragic love triangle involving French Bohemian Jim (Henri Serre), his shy Austrian friend Jules (Oskar Werner), and Jules’s girlfriend and later wife Catherine (Jeanne Moreau).

110. Grand Illusion (1937) Dir. Jean Renoir, 114 mins.

The story concerns class relationships among a small group of French officers who are prisoners of war during World War I and are plotting an escape.

109. Nosferatu (1922) Dir. F.W. Murnau, 81 mins.

F. W. Murnau’s landmark vampire film begins in the Carpathian mountains, where real estate agent Hutter has arrived to close a sale with the reclusive Herr Orlok. Despite the feverish warnings of the local peasants, Hutter journeys to Orlok’s sinister castle and soon discovers that Orlok is no ordinary mortal.

108. The Red Shoes (1948) Dir. Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger, 133 mins.

The film is about a ballerina who joins an established ballet company and becomes the lead dancer in a new ballet called The Red Shoes, itself based on the fairy tale “The Red Shoes” by Hans Christian Andersen.

107. Shoah (1985) Dir. Claude Lanzmann, 503 mins.

Shoah is a French documentary about the Holocaust, directed by Claude Lanzmann. Over nine hours long and 11 years in the making, the film presents Lanzmann’s interviews with survivors, witnesses and perpetrators during visits to German Holocaust sites across Poland, including extermination camps.

106. The General (1926) Dir. Clyde Bruckman, Buster Keaton, 103 mins.

Buster Keaton plays Johnnie Gray, a locomotive engineer. He returns to his hometown in Confederate Georgia to visit his fiance Annabelle Lee when the American Civil War breaks out.

105. Badlands (1973) Dir. Terrence Malick, 95 mins.

Martin Sheen does his best James Dean as a young man who feeling disenfranchised and having lost his job, takes up with a fifteen year old girl (Sissy Spacek) and they go on a Midwest crime spree in Terrence Malick’s hypnotically assured debut feature, based on the 1950s Starkweather-Fugate murders.

104. Chungking Express (1994) Dir. Wong Kar-Wai, 98 mins.

The film consists of two stories told in sequence, each about a lovesick Hong Kong policeman mulling over his relationship with a woman. The first story stars Takeshi Kaneshiro as a cop obsessed with his breakup with a woman named May, and his encounter with a mysterious drug smuggler (Brigitte Lin). The second stars Tony Leung as a police officer roused from his gloom over the loss of his flight attendant girlfriend (Valerie Chow) by the attentions of a quirky snack bar worker (Faye Wong). It’s the relationship between Leung and Wong that really makes the film.

103. Solaris (1972) Dir. Andrei Tarkovsky, 169 mins.

The film is a meditative psychological drama occurring mostly aboard a space station orbiting the fictional planet Solaris. The scientific mission has stalled because the skeleton crew of three scientists have fallen into separate emotional crises. Psychologist Kris Kelvin travels to the Solaris space station to evaluate the situation only to encounter the same mysterious phenomena as the others.

102. The Mother and the Whore (1973) Dir. Jean Eustache, 217 mins.

In this intense character study, irresponsible Parisian Jean-Pierre Leaud decides that he desperately needs a wife and so leaves his lover to propose to his ex-girlfriend. His self-absorbed pseudo-intellectual ramblings turn her off, and she turns him down. He meets a nurse who later involves herself with Leaud and his lover. One of just two feature film’s made by Eustache before his untimely death, The Mother and the Whore has real bite.

101. The Thin Red Line (1998) Dir. Terrence Malick, 170 mins.

Based on the novel by James Jones, it tells a fictionalised version of the Battle of Mount Austen, which was part of the Guadalcanal Campaign in the Pacific Theatre of World War II. It portrays soldiers of C Company, 1st Battalion, 27th Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division, played by Sean Penn, Jim Caviezel, Nick Nolte, Elias Koteas and Ben Chaplin. It features stunning cinematography and a haunting soundtrack from Hans Zimmer.



The Pendragon Society’s 1000 Greatest Films (2019) 140-121


140. It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) Dir. Frank Capra, 130 mins.

The film stars James Stewart as George Bailey, a man who has given up his dreams in order to help others, and whose imminent suicide on Christmas Eve brings about the intervention of his guardian angel, Clarence Odbody (Henry Travers). Clarence shows George all the lives he has touched and how different life in his community of Bedford Falls would be like if he had never been born.

139. Fargo (1996) Dir. Joel & Ethan Coen, 98 mins.

Featuring some terrific dark humour, Fargo stars Frances McDormand as a pregnant Minnesota police chief investigating roadside homicides that ensue after a desperate car salesman (William H. Macy) hires two criminals (Steve Buscemi and Peter Stormare) to kidnap his wife in order to extort a hefty ransom from his wealthy father-in-law (Harve Presnell).

138. A Matter of Life and Death (1946) Dir. Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger, 104 mins.

Known as Stairway To Heaven in the US, the film follows Squadron Leader Peter Carter (David Niven) a British Second World War Royal Air Force pilot trying to nurse a badly damaged and burning Lancaster bomber home after a mission in May 1945.

137. Moonlight (2016) Dir. Barry Jenkins, 110 mins.

The film presents three stages in the life of the main character, his youth, adolescence and early adult life. It explores the difficulties he faces with his sexuality and identity, including the physical and emotional abuse he endures growing up.

136. McCabe & Mrs. Miller (1971) Dir. Robert Altman, 120 mins.

In a small American frontier village, a stranger named McCabe (Warren Beatty) builds a brothel with the help of experienced madame Mrs. Miller (Julie Christie). The town soon prospers, and success brings the jealous, and potentially deadly, attentions of a wealthy mining company.

135. Greed (1924) Dir. Erich von Stroheim, 239 mins.

The film tells the story of McTeague, a San Francisco dentist, who marries his best friend Schouler’s girlfriend Trina. Shortly after their engagement, Trina wins a lottery prize of $5,000, at that time a substantial sum. Schouler jealously informs the authorities that McTeague had been practising dentistry without a license, and McTeague and Trina become impoverished.

134. Gone with the Wind (1939) Dir. Victor Fleming, 238 mins.

Set in the American South against the backdrop of the American Civil War and the Reconstruction era, the film tells the story of Scarlett O’Hara (Vivien Leigh), the strong-willed daughter of a Georgia plantation owner, from her romantic pursuit of Ashley Wilkes, who is married to his cousin, Melanie Hamilton, to her marriage to Rhett Butler (Clark Gable).

133. Au Hasard Balthazar (1966) Dir. Robert Bresson, 95 mins.

Believed to be inspired by a passage from Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novel The Idiot, the film follows a donkey as he is given to various owners, most of whom treat him callously.

132. The Big Lebowski (1998) Dir. Joel & Ethan Coen, 117 mins.

It stars Jeff Bridges as Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski, a Los Angeles slacker and avid bowler. He is assaulted as a result of mistaken identity, after which The Dude learns that a millionaire also named Jeffrey Lebowski was the intended victim. The millionaire Lebowski’s trophy wife is kidnapped, and he commissions The Dude to deliver the ransom to secure her release.

131. Playtime (1967) Dir. Jacques Tati, 155 mins.

Mr. Hulot tries to function in an unrecognisable Paris of modernistic glass-and-steel skyscrapers.

130. Pierrot le fou (1965) Dir. Jean-Luc Godard, 110 mins.

After abandoning his wife and infant daughter for the new babysitter, a woman he’d loved and lost several years earlier, an errant husband embarks on a haphazard road to tragedy. Right up there with Godard’s best work.

129. American Beauty (1999) Dir. Sam Mendes, 122 mins.

Kevin Spacey stars as Lester Burnham, a 42-year-old advertising executive who has a midlife crisis when he becomes infatuated with his teenage daughter’s best friend, Angela (Mena Suvari).

128. The Spirit of the Beehive (1973) Dir. Victor Erice, 97 mins.

The film focuses on a young girl Ana and her fascination with the 1931 American horror film Frankenstein, as well as exploring her family life and schooling.

127. Man With a Movie Camera (1929) Dir. Dziga Vertov, 68 mins.

Vertov’s filmic manifesto, produced by the studio VUFKU, presents a utopian image of urban life in the Soviet cities of Kiev, Kharkov, Moscow and Odessa. Vertov proclaimed the film an experiment, and it is made without actors, intertitles, a script or sets, showing from dawn to dusk, Soviet citizens at work and at play, and interacting with the machinery of modern life. A tour de force in theoretical cinema, the film is only a documentary by material and more a summary of the themes of the ‘kinoki’ movement, the image of the worker perfect as the machine and that of the filmmaker as socially as useful as the factory worker. The culmination of a decade of audacious and controversial work in non fiction filmmaking for Vertov, The Man With the Movie Camera is one of the of the most unusual works in cinema history and was seen as hopelessly out of date on release thanks to its utopian ideals around city living, but for those with an open mind to different filmmaking techniques it can be a memorable viewing experience. For all the criticism and its avant-garde ambitions, it is one of the few silent films that strongly conveys a sense of everyday life in Soviet Russia. More…

126. Contempt (1963) Dir. Jean-Luc Godard, 103 mins.

Contempt is the story of the end of a marriage. Camille (Brigitte Bardot) falls out of love with her husband Paul (Michel Piccoli) while he is rewriting the screenplay Odyssey by American producer Jeremiah Prokosch (Jack Palance). Just as the director of Prokosch’s film, Fritz Lang, says that The Odyssey is the story of individuals confronting their situations in a real world, Contempt itself is an examination of the position of the filmmaker in the commercial cinema.

125. The Conversation (1974) Dir. Francis Ford Coppola, 113 mins.

The plot revolves around a surveillance expert and the moral dilemma he faces when his recordings reveal a potential murder.

124. Full Metal Jacket (1987) Dir. Stanley Kubrick, 116 mins.

Its storyline follows a platoon of U.S. Marines through their training, primarily focusing on two privates, Joker and Pyle, who struggle to get through camp under their foul-mouthed drill instructor, Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, and the experiences of two of the platoon’s Marines in the Tet Offensive during the Vietnam War. Becomes somewhat disjointed when it reaches Vietnam but that’s probably to do with war being just that.

123. Aliens (1986) Dir. James Cameron, 137 mins.

Much more of an action film than Ridley Scott’s original, the film follows Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) as she returns to the moon where her crew encountered the hostile Alien creature, this time accompanied by a unit of space marines.

122. Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) Dir. Steven Spielberg, 135 mins.

Made during Spielberg’s most fertile period, the film tells the story of Roy Neary (Richard Dreyfuss), an everyday blue-collar worker in Indiana, whose life changes after an encounter with an unidentified flying object (UFO).

121. The Apartment (1960) Dir. Billy Wilder, 125 mins.

The film follows C. C. “Bud” Baxter (Jack Lemmon), an insurance company clerk who permits his bosses to use his Upper West Side apartment to conduct extramarital affairs in hope of gaining a promotion. Simultaneously Bud pursues a relationship with elevator operator Fran Kubelik (Shirley MacLaine), unaware she is having an affair with one of the apartment’s users (Fred MacMurray).



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