The National Board of Review Best Films 1941

The National Board of Review of Motion Pictures was founded in 1909 in New York City, 14 years after the birth of cinema, to protest New York City Mayor George B. McClellan Jr.’s revocation of moving-picture exhibition licenses on Christmas Eve 1908. Its stated purpose was to endorse films of merit and champion the new “art of the people”, which was transforming America’s cultural life. Below are listed its top 10 films for 1941.

  • 1. Citizen Kane
  • 2. How Green Was My Valley
  • 3. The Little Foxes
  • 4. The Stars Look Down
  • 5. Dumbo
  • 6. High Sierra
  • 7. Here Comes Mr. Jordan
  • 8. Tom, Dick and Harry
  • 9. The Road to Zanzibar
  • 10. The Lady Eve

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